Cheetara – 2012 (Cancelled)

Sculpted by Khurram Alavi
Produced by Jerry Macaluso


Reclaiming-thundera-3 Up for order Cancelled
Shipped Cancelled
Size / format Approx 32 inches (81 cm); 1:4 scale mixed media Polystone
Quantity Numbers not announced
Retail Price Price was not mentioned
Inspiration for the pose Possibly taken from this comic cover.



The matron of the ThunderCats was a very highly anticipated statue. She’s also a very difficult character to render into a 3D statue. Similar to the Hard Hero Cheetara it was going to take more than one try to get it right. Jerry revealed the prototype images you can find in the gallery below to fans before this went up for order and the reaction was strongly negative. He and Khurram already knew they hadn’t succeeded and had already planned to make improvements to it.

While it’s a certainty that those improvements would have made this a very desirable statue to add to collections, this wasn’t to be the case because the line had ended with the previous statue (Tygra) and the Cheetara was speedily shelved.



  Awaiting input.


Awaiting input.

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Notes of Interest button Hard Hero went through three iterations of Cheetara’s face sculpt before going to production.
Notes of Interest button The chosen pose was taken from a Wildstorm comic cover but seems to have been problematic, in that Cheetara isn’t quite running, isn’t quite standing. She’s in an awkward middle ground.
Notes of Interest button Fans were insisting on a boob lift for the spotted vixen.
Notes of Interest button The bases for the three ThunderCats heroes that we got to see were all the same rock type, meaning you could easily display them together.


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