Mumm-Ra – 2011

Sculpted by Khurram Alavi
Produced by Jerry Macaluso


thundercats_intro_1607[1] Up for pre-oder Apr 14, 2011
Shipped Feb, 2, 2012
Size / format 26 inches (66 cm); 1:4 scale mixed media Polystone
Quantity 400 regular, 300 limited
Retail Price $349.99 regular, $374.99 limited
Inspiration for the pose This intro sequence frame may have been a factor, though Ed McGuinness’ Wildstorm Comics are the main inspiration



Studio promotional shot

Sometimes you just want to see how big your Mumm-Ra is compared to an apple.

First we had Pop Culture Shock drop a ferocious Lion-O on us, and next up as the second character in the line, we have this menacing Mumm-Ra perched on top of his Sarcophagus skull. For fans who are new to statue collecting, you should know that this is a 1:4 scale collectible that stands 26 inches high. This is the biggest Mumm-Ra that you can buy anywhere. He’s done in mixed media which means that he’s cast in polystone and actual fabric makes up his costume and cape. There is a lot of care taken to put many fine details into the sculpt and the fabric is meticulously stitched and pieced together to match the scale.

All of the Pop Culture Shock statues have a regular edition and a limited edition by contract with Sideshow Collectibles, the distributor that Jerry works with. Similar to the Lion-O statue, here we have a limited edition version that includes light up features. Mumm-Ra’s eyes, his chest emblem and the Sword of Plundarr all light up. This is a terrific nod to the LJN vintage action figure that had a battery pack activated feature that lit up his eyes. This time round it’s even cooler!

Mumm-Ra in production in the factory in China

Hundreds of Mumm-Ra torsos waiting for heads.

Hard Hero was first to do Lion-O and they chose an iconic cartoon moment as the pose. This time it’s Pop Culture Shock who is first to market with an Everliving Mumm-Ra. And this time Khurram and Jerry went with an iconic cartoon frame from the introduction sequence. The statue base is fantastic, and tcould easily be sold as its own collectible. Mumm-Ra’s cape is made from cloth and a wire frame connects the cape to the back of his neck and both his wrists. You can adjust the cape to the angle and the width that you prefer. The way it is attached makes it tough to get at his battery plate on his back be careful when you insert or replace batteries that you don’t tear the cape.

This is the first time that we’ve seen photos of the statues being assembled in the factory in China. See the gallery below for images of the workers bringing the individual pieces together. One can’t help but get excited when seeing hundreds of headless Mumm-Ra torsos standing in a row.

When you look at the finished piece and think back to how excited you were to open a 7 inch plastic Mumm-Ra in the 80s, would you have ever thought that as an adult you’d have the chance to buy a 26 inch giant statue of your favourite bad guy?



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Notes of Interest button Icon Heroes revealed their 9″ Mumm-Ra staction a couple of weeks after the full preview pictures of Pop Culture Shock’s Mumm-Ra had gone up on Sideshow Collectibles. The pose is almost identical.
Notes of Interest button For those concerned about buying a product made in a factory in China, the facility that Pop Culture Shock works with is far away from being a sweatshop. Jerry has had lunch with the workers and spent time in the factory and said conditions are very good.
Notes of Interest button In the classic cartoon Mumm-Ra does actually land on the top of his sarcophagus when returning from battling the ThunderCats.


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