Tygra – 2012 (Cancelled)

Sculpted by Khurram Alavi
Produced by Jerry Macaluso


249180-19897-119169-1-thundercats-the-rert Up for order Aug 16, 2012
Shipped Date not recorded
Size / format 32 inches (81 cm); 1:4 scale mixed media Polystone
Quantity TBD regular, 150 limited
Retail Price $359.99 regular, $369.99 limited
Inspiration for the pose An original pose, though the Ed McGuinness’ Wildstorm Comics are the main inspiration for the look



Studio promotional shot

Tygra, the Architect of the ThunderCats was the third slated character up for a large format 1:4 scale statue debut. While the second  statue (Mumm-Ra) was being prepared for orders Jerry was announcing that Cheetara and Tygra were both close to being finished and whichever was done first would be shown at San Diego Comic Con (SDCC). This turned out to be Tygra, in part because Khurram and Jerry we’ren’t happy with the look of Cheetara and wanted to go back and make some improvements.

Tygra on the other hand needed no improvements. In my opinion this was the single best ThunderCats collectible to come out of the 2010 revival. This is an absolute masterpiece, giving the most dynamic action oriented pose I’ve seen on any ThunderCat figure. Pushing forward off of only one grounded foot, the rest of Tygra just ripples with static movement and his whip is wonderfully airborne and looming.

The limited edition version broke with the trend and instead of light up features, for an extra $10 you get the version that includes the alternate interchangeable head. It’s the fiercer Ed McGuinness style face and bared fangs.

Tygra was developed as a finished prototype that was taken to the Sideshow Collectibles booth at SDCC 2012. The fan reviews after seeing the statue in person were as close to unanimously positive as you can get. This was a seriously kickass Tygra statue, one that Khurram and Jerry could be extremely proud of. And that makes it all the more devastating that this is where the line ended despite such a home run product. It’s a travesty that this statue couldn’t even be made available for direct sales, a business model that Jerry has since adopted.

Fans of the line were gutted that such a high quality set of statues wouldn’t see a deeper run. The silver lining most observed, including Jerry, was that at least the Lion-O and Mumm-Ra work as a set. Though this fan would have gladly added Tygra and made it a set of three.

Written by Mark aka Grizzlor


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Notes of Interest button Hard Hero’s decayed version of Mumm-Ra was also developed into a finished product and put up for orders, and subsequently cancelled for not reaching minimum numbers to go into production.
Notes of Interest button Jerry said that he needed 200 orders to take Tygra into production. At the cut off date he had less than half of that number.
Notes of Interest button Jerry was the only producer to speak highly of Warner Brother’s management of the license.
Notes of Interest button Tygra and Cheetara’s bases were similar to Lion-O’s base and likely the line of heroes were being designed in mind to be displayed together with the bases pushed against each other (similar to Hard Heroes’ approach)
Notes of Interest button Hard Hero’s Tygra had shipped 16 months before this Tygra went up for sale and the Mezco Tygra 14 inch roto figure was on the horizon, giving fans a lot of stripes when it came to choices. Too many.


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