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Bizarro Lion-O

ThunderCats LJN Toyline - Custom Figures -  Bizarro Lion-O

The following custom also belongs to our very own TCL Team Member Matt. Bizarro Lion-o was Matt’s first attempt at a custom and he states he really had no idea what he was doing. He wanted to make sort of an anti/evil Lion-o like, sort of like Superman has Bizarro.

Matt started with a regular LJN release Lion-o as the base and painted his skin in Testor’s acrylic black. The hair and hands were then painted with Testor’s acrylic silver followed by the eyes and boots which were then painted in Testor’s red acrylic. The blue used on this custom was also Testor’s and to finalize the toucheson this great custom Matt painted the Thundercats logo and the chest area in gold.

If you have questions regarding the customs on this page, feel free to contact Matt.