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Luna Lasher Mumm-Ra (Purple Paint)


ThunderCats LJN Toyline - Custom Figures - Luna Lasher Mumm-Ra

Mumm-Ra was seen on 2 different pictures having purple paint instead of red that was featured on the regular Mumm-Ras. The distinct paint job was found on the Luna Lasher accesory image as well as the 2 pack of Luna Lasher Mumm-Ra. This style of pain was never done and many collectors have opted tocustomize their own Mumm-Ra.

The following custom belongs to our very own TCL Team Member Matt.Matt used a standard Mumm-Ra body. The red parts on Mumm-Ra were painted over with Testor’s brand purple acrylic paint to make him look like the prototype seen on the packaging of the Luna Lasher accessory as well as the packaging on the 2 pack of Luna Lasher Mumm-Ra.

The dagger, was also painted in with a mix of Testor’s brand black and yellow acrylic paints to resemble the dagger seen on the 1985 LJN Dealer’s Catalog. Overall a very nice custom to resemble a toy that could’ve been.

If you have questions regarding the customs on this page, feel free to contact Matt.