ThunderCats are loose… again!

At the 2015 San Diego Comic Convention (SDCC) Mattel surprised everyone by anouncing that they  picked up the ThunderCats license and a series of figures, based on the classic cartoon, was being planned! The figures came to fans in late 2016 in a subscription called Club Third Earth!

Unfortunatly, with the end of MattyCollector came the end of the ThunderCats Classic line. December of 2016 saw the release of the last subscription figure; Panthro. If and when this line is continued by another company or yet another line is started is uncertain. But after the 80’s LJN line, BanDai’s ThunderCats Classics and Mattels ThunderCats Classic line, the Cats have 6 lives left so it would surprise me.

Club Third Earth 2016

Mumm-Ra (Sub-exclusive)





Wilykat & Wiykit (SDCC Exclusive)



The Lord of the ThunderCats is planned as the first figure. The Four Horsemen sculpted this prototype, as well as a Jackalman figure, as a presentation model.

mattelliono3 mattelliono6 mattelliono5
mattelliono7 mattelliono4 mattelliono8