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With the launch of the new ThunderCats animated series in 2011 came a renewed interest, from fans and toy manufacturors alike, in the classic ThunderCats. The vintage ThunderCats toys are fantastic, but cartoon accurate is a bit of a stretch. For years (adult) collectors wondered when and if toon accurate ThunderCats figures were ever going to be a reality. Luckily a little toy company called MEZCO TOYZ stepped up. In 2011 Mezco Toyz released their first 14” Mega-Scale ThunderCats figure in the form of Lion-O. This figure set the standard for the rest of the releases up to 2014, in terms of size, style and articulation. Fast forward to 2016 and fans are finally getting what they’ve been waiting for; Tygra! And ofcourse Mezco being Mezco, they deceided to make a regular and a SDCC exclusive version.

To date Mezco Toyz released five regular figures, one regular 2-pack,  two convention exclusive 2-packs and two single exclusives. And a plush Snarf!






Mumm-Ra the Ever-Living


Lion-O & Snarf 2-pack



Lion-O – 2011 San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) Exclusive

Mumm-Ra the Ever-Living & Decaying Mumm-Ra 2-pack – 2012 SDCC Exclusive

Cheetara & Snarf 2-pack – 2013 SDCC Exclusive

Phasing Tygra – 2016 SDCC Exclusive

Plush Snarf – 2016 SDCC Exclusive


Before these fantastic figures end up in their collector-friendly window boxes and our toy shelfs, a lot of work has gone into them already. Sculptor Jean St. Jean is responsible for the fantastic sculpt work on the MEZCO ThunderCats line! Check out these fantastic pre-production pieces from Jean’s hand! Mr St. Jean has been a sculptor for many years, on many fantastic toy lines. To find out more about his work, please visit his (social)media pages here and here!



mezcolionoroughsculpt1 mezcolionoroughsculpt2 mezcolionoroughsculpt3 mezcolionoroughsculpt4 mezcolionoroughsculpt5
mezcocheetaraclaysculpt mezcocheetararoughsculpt1 mezcocheetararoughsculpt3 mezcocheetararoughsculpt4
mezcopanthroclaysculpt1 mezcopanthroclaysculpt2 mezcopanthroclaysculpt3 mezcopanthroclaysculpt4 mezcopanthroroughsculpt1
Mumm-Ra the Ever Living
mezcomummraroughsculpt1 mezcomummraroughsculpt4 mezcomummraroughsculpt2 mezcomummraroughsculpt3
Mumm-Ra, decayed form
mezcomummramummyroughsculpt4 mezcomummramummyroughsculpt2 mezcomummramummyroughsculpt3 mezcomummramummyroughsculpt1



mezcomummraprototypemezcomummraprototype2mezcomummraprototype3mezcomummraprototype4mezcomummraprototype5mezcomummraprototype6 mezcomummraprototype7 mezcomummraprototype8 mezcomummraprototype9mezcomummrasprototypessidebyside1mezcosnarftestshotmezcosnarftestshot1mezcosnarftestshot3mezcosnarftestshot2mezcosnarftestshot4mezcocheetaratestshot2mezcocheetaratestshot1mezcolionoprototype1mezcosdccprototypes1mezcomummraeverlivingprototype1mezcoswordprototype1


mtvgeeklogoBack in 2012, our friends at MTV Geek gave us a little behind the scenes look at the guys and gals at MEZCO TOYZ working on several ThunderCats figures. The exclusive article introduces us to Mezco’s Pierre Kalenzaga, Damien Glonek, painter Brandy Anderson and sculptor Jean St. Jean. Short, but insightful and just a darn good read! Check it out!


The MEZCO ThunderCats figures come packaged in a full colour, collector friendly, windowbox. The artwork on the boxes seems to stem from a modern ThunderCats poster that popped-up on online marketplaces a few years back. Since the MEZCO line is at a standstill right now, we can at least check out some of the artwork that may have been used for other figures!