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minimatesset5cSeries 4 – Heroes & Villains

The fourth ThunderCats Minimates set was released in 2013 and was first available at the San Diego Comic Convention. This set includes four regular Minimates figures and a non-poseable minifigure. The figures are fully loaded and this set contains the most extra’s out of all sets. The focus lies on the different versions of the characters, which ofcourse include their signature weapons and accessories. And for the first time, transparant display bases were added! Also, as a bonus, a new version of Panthro’s armor and Lion-O’s belt were included. The quality of those two accessories from the very first set was sub-par in some cases, so if collectors had any problems with those, this set offers higher quality replacements! The figures in this set:

Grune The Destroyer – With club and alternate torso with ThunderCats insignia!

Mumm-Ra the Ever Living – With Sword of Plun-Darr and alternate forearms with added cape pieces!

Young Lion-O – As seen in the very first ThunderCats episode “Exodus”, with sleeping Sword of Omens!

Jaga – With alternate young head, hair and Sword of Omens!

Ma-Mutt – Minifigure