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Dogs of War Issue #2 – Page 17


ThunderCats comic art - DC/Wildstorm - Dogs of War Issue #2 - Page 17

Pencilled by: Brett Booth
Inked by: Al Vey


From the collection of: Craig Devena
Owner’s website: N/A
Notes of Interest: This is a particularly interesting page from the interior of ThunderCats: Dogs of War Issue #2, drawn by Brett Booth and Al Vey and published by DC/Wildstorm. As well as featuring a couple of beautifully-drawn images of Pumyra, we also see an “old version” of Lion-O (seen in the robe) – however, perhaps the thing that makes this piece most interesting is the large, empty-looking panel at the bottom of the page. On this page Lion-O is actually communicating with Pumyra via a videoscreen – when this page was completed, a digital effect was added to the bottom panel, showing Pumyra’s image breaking up due to the War Dogs overriding the transmission signal. If you look carefully you can just about make out handwritten notes, probably requesting that the colourist add this effect!