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Dogs of War Issue #4 – Page 5


ThunderCats comic art - DC/Wildstorm - Dogs of War Issue #4 - Page 5

Pencilled by: Brett Booth
Inked by: Al Vey


From the collection of: Dan O’Connell
Owner’s website: ComicArtFans Members’ Gallery
Notes of Interest: A striking interior page from Issue #4 of DC/Wildstorm’s ThunderCats: Dogs of War mini-series, drawn by Brett Booth and Al Vey, and featuring two of the “new” ThunderCats, Pumyra and Lynx-O. Dogs of War was set in New Thundera’s future, and the reason that Ben-Gali doesn’t appear alongside his two comrades in this story is because in DC/Wildstorm’s ThunderCats future continuity, Ben-Gali was actually dead! Something interesting to note about this piece is that the top panel features just three characters and a plain white background – when this piece was completed, the illustration of the War Dogs’ ship and the prisoners entering it in the bottom panel was completely reproduced (presumably via digital means) in the top panel, just with the three figures seen in the top panel superimposed over the top of it!