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The Return Issue #1 – Page 12


ThunderCats comic art - DC/Wildstorm - The Return Issue #1 - Page 12

Pencilled by: Ed Benes
Inked by: Joe Pimentel


From the collection of: Frederic Massa
Owner’s website: N/A
Notes of Interest: Another interior page from Issue #1 of DC/Wildstorm’s mini-series ThunderCats: The Return, drawn by Ed Benes and Joe Pimentel. This piece is one of several we have hosted from this issue – for the first two (the front cover and also story page 9), the title of the comic is listed at the top of the page as “ThunderCats: Future”, which was likely a working title for the series. This is the first story page we have hosted from this issue to show the finalised title at the top, even though if you look carefully it would appear to be titled as “ThunderCats II: The Return”! It’s also worth noting that, when this page was published, a large proportion of the artwork was obscured by captions – seeing it in this form allows us to fully appreciate the art for the first time!