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ThunderCats Issue #2 – Page 11


ThunderCats comic art - DC/Wildstorm Issue #2 - Page 11

Pencilled by: Ed McGuinness
Inked by: Jason Martin


From the collection of: Ralph Di Bernado
Owner’s website:
Notes of Interest: An exciting looking page from the interior of DC/Wildstorm’s ThunderCats Issue #2. Once again this page features written instructions, likely by the penciller Ed McGuinness, suggesting digital effects to the colourist for this issue, in this case two seperate ones both relating to panel 4 (the one of Lion-O), visible both to the side of the panel and underneath it, suggesting a lens flare from the sun be added, as well as a radial blur centering on Lion-O’s face. Both of these effects were used on the final page (although the lens flare was used very sparingly).