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ThunderCats Issue #3 – Page 11


ThunderCats comic art - DC/Wildstorm Issue #3 - Page 11

Pencilled by: Francisco Herrera
Inked by: Carlos Lobo Cuevas


From the collection of: Ray Blanco
Owner’s website: N/A
Notes of Interest: An exciting interior page from #3 of DC/Wildstorm’s first ThunderCats mini-series. This issue was unique in that it was the only one of the Reclaiming Thundera mini-series not to feature any interior artwork from the series’ regular art team of Ed McGuinness and Jason Martin, instead boasting heavily stylised artwork from penciller Francisco Herrera and inker Carlos Lobo Cuevas. Although a lot of ThunderCats fans were unhappy with the choice of artists for this issue, Herrera and Cuevas’ artwork added an exciting new visual dimension to the issue’s guest villains, the Lunataks, and it’s likely that they were selected for the artwork chores on this issue for that reason. The finalised version of this striking and exciting page features a dark green shading for the panel in the top left, indicating that Lion-O and Panthro are communicating with the other ThunderCats via a video comm-link in the Thundertank.