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ThunderCats Issue #4 – Page 16


ThunderCats comic art - DC/Wildstorm Issue #4 - Page 16

Pencilled by: Ed McGuinness
Inked by: Jason Martin


From the collection of: Alex Kremper
Owner’s website: ComicArtFans Members’ Gallery
Notes of Interest: This beautifully-constructed page of artwork is from DC/Wildstorm’s ThunderCats Issue #4, drawn by Ed McGuinness and Jason Martin. As with many of the pieces we have showcased in this gallery, this page also features a handwritten note, quite possibly by Ed McGuinness himself, this time requesting that the colourist adds digital special effects to the panel where Lion-O and Mumm-Ra’s swords clash. This was indeed included in the completed version of this page, along with other digital effects to signify the Sword of Omens slashing through the air in the second panel.