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ThunderCats Issue #4 – Page 2


ThunderCats comic art - DC/Wildstorm Issue #4 - Page 2

Pencilled by: Ed McGuinness
Inked by: Jason Martin


From the collection of: Ralph Di Bernado
Owner’s website:
Notes of Interest: Lovely artwork focussing on the Thunderkittens, from Issue #4 of DC/Wildstorm’s first ThunderCats mini-series. Once again note the handwritten cues for the colourist, believed to be written by penciller Ed McGuinness – on this page, the colourist is advised that the background for panel 1 needs to be subtle, creating a blur effect designed to highlight the motion of the Thunderkittens’ spaceboards, and also in panel 5 to bring attention to the smoke bomb in WilyKit’s hand. Whether or not this second request was acted on is debatable, but the “blurring” effect on panel 1 certainly made it into the completed version of this page.