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ThunderCats Unused Cover / Pin-up


ThunderCats comic art - DC/Wildstorm - ThunderCats Unused Cover / Pin-Up

Pencilled by: Tone Rodriguez


From the collection of: Janet Stone Wade (Saltygirl)
Owner’s website:
Notes of Interest: This exciting pin-up piece was pitched by acclaimed comics artist Tone Rodriguez to the editors at DC/Wildstorm when they were launching their new ThunderCats comic series. For reasons that are still unknown, the piece was never taken up by the “powers that be” and remains unpublished. It’s difficult to know whether Tone’s focus on the character of Grune the Destroyer was an artistic choice on his part or whether in fact the piece was originally intended for a specific purpose, such as a variant cover for ThunderCats Issue #5 which guest-starred Grune, a pin-up or cover for DC/Wildstorm’s two-part Heroes & Villains/Villains & Heroes comics, or indeed as a potential pin-up page for their ThunderCats Sourcebook. Whatever the origins of the piece, it makes for a striking and exciting page of artwork – note that Tone has written two notes on this page, “Jaga has gotten rid of the trunks” and “Note: Grune has ThunderCat logo on belt”. Note too that for some reason, even though it was pitched to DC/Wildstorm, the piece was drawn on paper belonging to one of their rival companies, CrossGen! This piece is taken from the collection of artist and ThunderCats fan Janet Stone Wade, best-known to the ThunderCats online community as “Saltygirl”, and she very kindly agreed to let us display this piece in our gallery.