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Marvel (Star) Comics
ThunderCats Issue #23 – Page 20


ThunderCats comic art - Marvel (Star) Issue 23, page 20

Pencilled by: Dwayne Turner
Inked by: Dave Simons


From the collection of: Anthony Snyder
Owner’s website:
Notes of Interest: This is one of several interior pages we are priviledged to host from Marvel’s ThunderCats #23, adapting the TV episode “Dr. Dometone”. These pages were all generously donated by Anthony Snyder, a well-known original comic art collector and dealer. Like page 6 of this issue, also showcased in this gallery, this page features a battle between Dr. Dometone’s giant robot Herky and a giant robotic eel – and again, there is also an inverted panel to signify one of the combatants receiving an electric shock!