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Marvel (Star) Comics
ThunderCats Issue #6 – Page 25


ThunderCats comic art - Marvel (Star) Issue 6, page 25

Pencilled by: Jim Mooney
Inked by: Kim DeMulder


From the collection of: Rob Sinnott
Owner’s website: N/A
Notes of Interest: This is a highly unique interior page from ThunderCats #6, drawn by penciller Jim Mooney but this time joined by inker Kim DeMulder. This page is full of atmospheric and exciting artwork of Mumm-Ra, both in his Ever-Living and mummy forms, the latter of which is reminiscent of the type of images you might have seen in silver age horror comics! Another note of interest is that the two images you see fading away in the second panel down on the right are Marvel’s concept of what Mumm-Ra would have looked like on both First and Second Earth!