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ThunderCats Issue #11 – Page 10

Marvel UK - ThunderCats Issue 11 Page 10

Pencilled by: Michael Griffiths
Inked by: Dave Hine
From the collection of: Martin Griffiths
Owner’s website: N/A
Notes of Interest: Another exciting interior page from ThunderCats #11, published by Marvel Comics UK and drawn by the art team of penciller Martin Griffiths and inker Dave Hine. ThunderCats #11 was the first issue of the comic that Martin worked on, which, given the volume of work he was to contribute to the UK ThunderCats comic in the coming months and years, adds an even greater hsitorical value to this piece. Much of the artwork in this section of our Original Comic Art Gallery is pencilled by Martin Griffiths, and this particular piece is taken from his own archives – Martin very kindly sent us a good-sized scan of this page for display, and you can click on the image above to take you to a larger version!