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ThunderCats Issue #11 – Page 2

Marvel UK - ThunderCats Issue 11 Page 2

Pencilled by: Martin Griffiths
Inked by: Dave Hine
From the collection of: Martin Griffiths
Owner’s website: N/A
Notes of Interest: This action-packed page of artwork, pencilled by Martin Griffiths and inked by Dave Hine, was used as the “splash page” for the UK ThunderCats #11. A “splash page” in artist’s terminology is a full page drawing in a comic book, as opposed to the regular format of comic illustration where a page of artwork will consist of several different “panels” of artwork. A splash page will usually be either the first or second story page in a comic, and as such will also usually feature the title of the story as well as the credits for who worked on that issue. Sure enough, this page features all the elements traditionally associated with a “splash page”, and is in fact complete except for the addition of colour. This piece is one of many donated by its penciller, Martin Griffiths, for display in our gallery, and Martin was kind enough to send us a high-resolution scan of it – click on the image above to view a larger version!