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Marvel Comics UK
ThunderCats Issue #7 – Cover


Marvel UK - ThunderCats Issue 7 cover

Pencilled by: Jim Mooney
Inked by: Jim Mooney
Coloured by: Tim Perkins


From the collection of: Tim Perkins
Owner’s website:
Notes of Interest: This is the cover to Marvel UK’s ThunderCats #7, complete except for the addition of captions and the ThunderCats logo, and is one of many pieces in this gallery from the collection of multi-talented artist Tim Perkins, who was the colourist on this piece. The cover is actually a recoloured version of the cover to Marvel (Star) Comics’ ThunderCats #6, the first half of which is reprinted in this issue – however, one difference between this cover and the original that was published in the US is the strange disappearance of Snarf, who appears at Lion-O’s feet on the original cover!