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ThunderCats Issue #70 – Cover (pencils)

Marvel UK - ThunderCats Issue 70 Cover (pencils)

Pencilled by: Martin Griffiths
From the collection of: Martin Griffiths
Owner’s website: N/A
Notes of Interest: This beautiful piece was donated to this site for display by its creator, acclaimed UK comic artist Martin Griffiths! Here at TCL we are lucky to be able to show you both this early pencil version of this cover, and the finalised version which was inked by our good friend Tim Perkins, and being able to see this piece in both stages of development provides a real insight into the creation of the UK ThunderCats comic! By this time, Marvel UK’s ThunderCats series featured a short text story each issue, which often focussed on the “new” ThunderCats (Lynx-O, Pumyra and Ben-Gali), and covers to UK ThunderCats issues from this period would usually relate to the text story within, as well as double up as the front page for that same text story. Martin was kind enough to send us a large scan of this piece that really showcases the detail of his pencil artwork – click on the image above to take you to a large version!