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ThunderCats Issue #81 – Page 5 (pencils)

Marvel UK - ThunderCats Issue 81 Page 5 (pencils)

Pencilled by: Martin Griffiths
From the collection of: Martin Griffiths
Owner’s website: N/A
Notes of Interest: Taken from his own personal collection, this is another exciting example of artist Martin Griffiths’ ThunderCats pencil artwork – this piece was subsequently inked by Tim Perkins, who himself donated a scan of the inked version of this page. Viewing both this piece and the inked version that Tim donated gives us a real insight into the production of this issue! An interesting note is that, even though this piece was pencilled by Martin Griffiths, when this page was published the pencils were wrongly credited to Jim Mooney! This page is the fifth of six showcased in this gallery that make up the complete story “Wilykat’s Wish part 3”, which featured in Marvel UK’s ThunderCats Issue #81, and we are lucky to have all six pages hosted here in both their pencilled and inked forms. Like so many of the pages he kindly donated to us, Martin sent us a very detailed scan of this piece – click on the image above to take you to a large version!