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Unused Pencils – Story page 10

Marvel UK - Unused Pencils - Story page 10

Pencilled by: Tim Perkins
From the collection of: Tim Perkins
Owner’s website:
Notes of Interest:
This is one of the most unique pieces in the whole of our gallery – unused pencils by UK artist Tim Perkins. This page was originally planned to be used for a story entitled “A Blast From The Past Part 1”, the title of which is visible in the top-right hand corner of this image, and is one of a pair of pages we have showcased in this gallery that was planned to be used for that story – interestingly, it would appear that “A Blast From The Past” was a working title for the story “Waking Nightmare! Part 1”, published in Marvel UK’s ThunderCats Issue #9, and that this page was in fact intended to be used as page 10 of that story! When “Waking Nightmare! Part 1” was published, all of the artwork was done by Steve Yeowell and Stephen Baskerville, and it is not known why Tim ended up pencilling these two unused pages. Viewing the two versions of the story pages side-by-side shows just how precise the artist’s directions were, as all of the panels shown on this piece mirror the artwork of Yeowell and Baskerville in the published version of the story! Tim very kindly provided us with a detailed scan of this piece – click on the image above to see a larger version!