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ThunderCats Season 1 Volume 1
DVD artwork – Lion-O

Pencilled by: Mike Royer


From the collection of: MannysCollectibles
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Notes of Interest: Another unique piece of artwork that was used in the packaging for Warner Brothers’ official DVD release of ThunderCats Season 1 Volume 1. As with the other examples of this artwork we have featured in this gallery, the reason for its inclusion is firstly because of historical importance, but also because this piece was drawn by an artist named Mike Royer – Mike has an extensive CV working in the field of illustration (including working on several comic titles, notably as the most prolific inker of the works of the legendary Jack Kirby throughout the 1970s and 1980s), and is perhaps most noted for his work with Disney, where he was responsible for creating the character designs for Disney’s version of Winnie the Pooh! If you look carefully at Lion-O’s left hand (the hand not covered by the Claw Shield) in this piece you will notice that Lion-O is actually wearing a ring! This is more than likely a nod to the ring that Lion-O was given by a baby unicorn in the cartoon episode “The Terror of Hammerhand”, which appeared on the DVD disc that this artwork was utilised for, and as such is a lovely little detail that actually made it to the finalised version of the artwork. We actually have been able to provide quite a large-sized scan of this piece – click on the image above to view a larger version!