Special Features

Interview with Tim Perkins
Chris spoke with UK ThunderCats comic artist Tim Perkins and was able to chat about his experience working on the UK comic series. Great read!
Interview with Lee Sullivan
The UK artist who drew the iconic front cover to Marvel UK’s ThunderCats Issue #1 spoke exclusively to TCL about his time working on the comic, as well as his time at Marvel UK.
Interview with Andrew Wildman
A ground-breaking and critically acclaimed artist, Andrew Wildman has worked on most of the major titles, but one of his earliest assignments was bringing life to the ThunderCats in the pages of the UK comic! Check out the interview he did with us here!
Interview with Martin Griffiths
One of the most prolific contributors to the UK ThunderCats comic, Martin Griffiths’ unique and exciting artwork holds a great deal of special memories for UK ThunderFans! In this revealing interview, Martin shares his memories of working on the comic and talks about his long and successful career.
Woolworths Kids Club Feature
An article about the Woolworths Kids Club Magazine which included some promotional material for the UK ThunderCats comic books.
The Stinger appears!
A special article focussing on an appearance in the Marvel UK ThunderCats comic continuity by a very rare character, an appearance that sheds much light on the character’s origins!