Woolworth’s Kids Ciub Feature

In the late 1980s, Woolworths (a chain of stores located across both the US and UK) launched a special kids’ club in the UK.  This kids’ club was equivalent to a mail-away offer, as those who joined would receive a gift pack and a regular magazine.

The Kids Club at Woolworths magazine featured jokes, puzzles, and (perhaps most importantly) stories, including stories about many popular 1980s character brands.  Amongst those brands were the ThunderCats, at the time one of the most popular children’s brands in the UK – presented here, for what we believe is the first time anywhere, are the stories that featured in Woolworths’ Kids Club magazines!

Possibly the most interesting of these (and why they merit inclusion here in the Comic Section of the site) is the first one, which was a three-page introduction to the ThunderCats and designed to help promote the UK ThunderCats comic.  It is unique firstly because of its length (note that all the other stories are single pages), and also because all the other stories printed were text-based, as opposed to being an actual comic strip.  The three-page comic preview is also notable for being written by Simon Furman, a writer most famed for his acclaimed work writing for another 1980s property, the Transformers, on which he still writes to this day.  Enjoy!


ThunderCats UK Comic Preview Pages

Kid’s Club at Woolworths