‘Masters of the Universe’: McG Talks Tone, Characters, Setting, and More

Discussion in 'Introductions & Off Topic' started by Wilycub, Aug 14, 2016.

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    Based on his previous directorial credits I would have to disagree, he makes crappy movies. I don't really have a stake in a MOTU film, though I would like it to be good, it wouldn't be the blow that a terrible live-action Thundercats movie would be to me. If he were attached to direct a Thundercats film I would be very worried. There was a time when he was going to make the new Superman film before Bryan Singer made "Superman Returns", and I had major reservations about him then. Since then his highest profile project has been "Terminator Salvation". :poop
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    From his credentials I doubt he is the visionary needed for the project but who knows that guy Gunn from GOTG didn't have the most amazing credit list either.
    Since this movie has had multiple directors and producers attached since 2003 I doubt he will stay with the project and probably be replaced sooner or later. Sure last year someone attached to it released concept art work for Battle Cat.
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    I agree. I'm not a fan of McG's movies. In fact I was just telling this same thing to "Mark M" today. :) It's really not about how good/talented/experienced a director is. When tackling a well known property like MOTU, it is of paramount importance that the director understand the original source and try to be true to it. Updating the material cleverly is a good thing but changing too much of the original is just a recipe for disaster.
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    Maybe Mattel should hire Paul Feig to direct MOTU. ;) :roflmao:tongue
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    or maybe we should accept the realization that certain 80's properties, and aesthetics, don't resonate with today's audience. You don't see people flocking to see the latest Stallone or Schwarzenegger movies either, other than their legacy films. The whole big, beefy muscleman look could, I said could, be a turn off to movie goers. Sure we have DC/Marvel, but they also didn't go MIA for decades at a time like MotU or TC. Does anyone really think a new Silverhawks toon would take off today?
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    I agree. The names of characters from MOTU and even Thundercats are a bit dated. I don't think the concept of MOTU would work as well anymore.
    Considering how Silverhawks didn't even take off in the 80's I doubt a new one would be any good today. I really dislike the Silverhawks cartoon as it is an utter mess of copied ideas all stuck together that just don't work.
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