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    Eh, I dunno - I've worked with kids as part of my fraternity community service, they watch a lot of stuff I would have expected them to have aged out of. Gumball, for example, just baffles me. 4 feels young for this, let's split the difference and agree on 5-9.
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    I'll have to watch it and see what I think, probably this next weekend.
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    And my video from 2018 is more relevant than ever

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    I can't believe Im sayin this but...I like it. There's something irresistibly addictive about Thundercats Roar.

    Maybe they can make a second "serious" anime style series like their doing with MOTU with revelation.
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    I think a good number TC fans are now past the anger stage (not saying their anger is gone) and moving toward acceptance, which is where I already have arrived, and I just want to talk about specific things.

    For example, what do you think about Snarf? I think I prefer silent robot snarf, lol. Although it means they're automatically ditching some canon, and the idea isn't necessarily original. I liked the reveal, and I hope that they were signalling with the dead battery gag that snarf won't be a go-to for getting out of situations. I will flip to strong dislike if it ends up as a "Go Go Gadget Snarf" situation.
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    What do you like about the series?

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    The minimalism.
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    A few more episodes are up on the app and they're a few Rankin Bass Easter eggs in the episodes if you pay attention! This show is a hit!!

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    Ok, I've seen 6 episodes total and here are my thoughts:

    I'm not ready to call it a hit or miss, really that's going to be on the youngs, because this is definitely for the youngs. Each episode is built around a moral, usually one for Lion-O to learn (I'll come back to this).
    However! I will say they put a lot of stuff in there that feels like you have to be an old to get. A CRT television for example, and Atari style video games are stuff kids won't even recognize. I think that's intended to play into giving the show a retro vibe. They are definitely mining the original series canon but remixing what they take and I will use a TR episode called Driller to touch on it.

    Ok, so knowing you lot, I don't have to talk about Driller and what ep he was intro'ed in BUT: it was Spitting Image, a Panthro episode. Mumm-Ra summoned Driller, Driller kidnapped Panthro, Mumm-ra made a doppelganger of Panthro, that's the set-up. Driller disappears till a later episode.

    Ok! So in the TR version, Driller just shows up drilling into and through the Cats Lair. He's seeking diamonds to sharpen his drill because his drill wears out from drilling. But the only thing he drills for is diamonds. The team points out the circular logic and this demotivates Driller. But also infects Panthro an existential crisis, as the episode establishes that he's the fixer of stuff and maybe his life is an unimportant cycle of break/fix/repeat. They set up a crisis, through Lion-O (I swear I'm coming back to this) and Panthro solves the crisis with some quick choices and ... (cough) the old switcheroo.

    Driller and the Cats are friends now, and Driller leaves immediately at the end. I've left a lot of details out for brevity.

    Episode Moral: This one is unclear but I think its that everyone can find a purpose and meaning in life.

    But here's where I have to give some criticism. Driller changes because Panthro does something to him, not by learning on his own. And the resolutions in these adventures are fast, but that's because these things are QUICK: 10 1/2 minutes of content per 12 minute episode by my measure. So nothing gets to breathe in this cartoon, it is very rapid and maybe that works for the attention spans of kids now? I dunno, I guess we're going to find out.

    Ok, so ... Lion-O (see?) is the one of two characters who irk me. He's basically super-doofed. He means well, but is not bright, is overconfident, and impulsive to an ADHD level. The other to a slightly lesser degree is Tygra. Full disclosure, I'd always been neutral on Tygra, he was fine. Until 2011, which made me kind of dislike the character, or at least that version. But I dislike this buzzkill thing they're doing with him. I wouldn't mind so much but they kind of clown his bolo a little and I always thought his bolo was badass. Hopefully he gets an appreciation episode soon.

    This made me go watch TTG, which I'd never done because didn't care. I had to see how close this was to that model, and it's pretty close: frenetic opening, 10 1/2 minute episode, villains are oafs.

    So, while I have some things I don't like, I deem TR harmless. But I really don't like Lion-O. That cat aint right, man.
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    Did you enjoy the Silverhawks and The Last Unicorn references?

    I'm loving the series and am really excited for Lynx-O, Pumyra and Bengali as confirmed by the animators on social media!
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    I did NOT catch the silverhawks ref, are you able to spoiler tag it? I also missed the last unicorn ref but I didn’t have my ear out for that watching the unicorn episode. I’ll go rewatch that one. The mutants were really on some stooges shtick.
    I do like how they are inserting interesting little things like the Berbils building Castle Plun-darr
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  15. Mark M

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    Some interesting refrences.
    The writing and humour though is very hit and miss. Definitely more a miss than a hit.
    But the animation and art style really destroy this show. :(
    The animators should honestly be embarassed.
    It's sad that there are so many talented artists struggling to get work and these people producing this type of ''art' are gettign employment in the animation industry. :mad
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    Agreed the humor is hit or miss. I'm about 55/45 hit, I think. The animation seems to be getting kudos from other animators (although quite a few are taking pains to make it clear that's the specific thing they are complimenting. There's a thread raging about it on the twits: https://twitter.com/amphajack/status/1230175235099516936?s=20
  17. Mark M

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    In terms on animation, there is a difference though between the flow of animation and animation, character designs.
    My complaint is with the latter. The designs and proportions are absolutely terrible. Some of the worst in all of animation.
    There is a scene in one episode where you can only see Cheetara's shoulders and hands. The elbows are not seen. But for the hand to be in the position they are in the unseen elbow sections would have to be at least around 3 or more feet long,
    In another seen Lion-O is holding the sword up and its like they just didn't care and decided to draw it drastically squashed and out of proportion (more so than the actual design) compared to how it appears seconds before and after the scene.
    As for the Unicorn/s that was the worst. They honestly looked like they were drawn by a very young child...not a professional working in the animation industry.
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    I believe the show animation will get better as time goes on! Look at the 80s Thundercats for example, some episodes like "Sixth Sense" were animated not too well but others like "Ghost Warrior" were better!
  19. Mark M

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    The whole aesthetic and designs are terrible. The only way the animation will get better is if they redesign every character.
    All shows have some episodes not as good as the others but compared to Roar those episodes are like something from Studio Ghibli.
    I don't have anything against overly cartoony designs by any means as long as they are drawn well...Roar is not.
    Also as far as how long the show goes on I have doubts it will last more than one season. Aside from not appealing to children or adults I can't imagine the designs being toyetic or any company wanting to produce merchandise based on Roar.
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