1st two episodes on the CN app.

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    Agreed. the gold being worthless to the cats was such a nice little touch that they didn't need to do and one that many casual fans of the original series probably didnt even know/remember but they put it in anyway. It worked perfectly with the story and even if they never touch that angle again, it at least opens the door as to why the Berserkers could attack in the future - to get the gold (waste) from Cat's Lair. There really is a lot being done in pretty much every episode to pay homage to the original and for fans of the original.
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    I missed the cameo on first watch and went back to find it. It’s not just Lynx-O, Bengali and Pumyra. Tor and his fellow refugees from “Return to Thundera! Part III” also make an appearance, plus a man who resembles Leah’s father!
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    thats awesome! i need to go back and watch/pause it and check out the scene real close. That's so great though. Little things like that make me like this show more and more.
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    Well, darn it.

    I like people and things that make me like them despite myself, and I have to admit after some time and giving it a "real" chance, this show is pretty funny and I like it.

    I still love the original, and the 2011 reboot, and now maybe there will be more content and another shot at a more mature show for older kids and adults based upon the success of ThundercatsRoar.
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    Let’s hope! Looks like the second half of the season is airing soon. How did you like those last two episodes?

    I meant to ask [mention]Cap'n Cracka [/mention] about them as well. Badass Mecha!
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    To tell you the truth, I have been watching the Cartoon Network UK excerpts.

    I thought that "Roar" was going to be a completely ridiculous thumbing of the nose at the 1985 and 2011 reboot at best and outright disrespecting it at worst. With what the creator said in the first stages of promotion, how could we not think it? You don't set out with a statement that you're making a program- or any kind of show, big fanbase or not, by saying you never watched the original series, or by trolling the fans by basically saying the source material sucks.

    As far as Roar goes, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was more akin to a tribute with a hand over the heart for the older fans, while making a show that would appeal more to younger kids, as that is their target demographic during prime time hours. I enjoy The throwbacks to the original series, including the incidental soundtrack that played in the background of the original episodes.

    Was Roar meant to be an honest to goodness canon successor to the previous two shows? Absolutely not, it's fairly evident, but as I said you can not like it, like it, or tolerate it, not everyone is going to be over the moon for this show, and that's okay, but I am happy that somewhere in the world the word ThunderCats is being heard again. Maybe this will spawn some interest in the kids who watch Roar to view the two previous series and fall in love with those as well.

    Just a crack idea here, but maybe the ThunderCats Roar gang will stumble upon the TigerSharks and SilverHawks in their "universe" and not only would that be great, it would be plausible, given the more light-hearted and non-canon to the original series plotlines that Roar has.
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    Agreed. Those early statements were worrying. I gave the show a chance and have been surprised by it’s many references, homages and more. I like it for what it is. A cute little ode. The OG will always be my favourite though. Btw, Silverhawks make an appearance twice! On TV
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    Can’t believe I forgot already (!!!!) but Tigersharks cameoed too! In the Crabmen episode. It was funny.
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    I only seen 2 episodes here locally.
    I will be looking out for those cameos of sh and ts.

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    Watched in YT 3 more episodes... It's really fine for what it is, light heartedly enjoyable. This cartoon will do for now and need to stay longer for better Thundercats brand exposure this modern times.

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    Eight (!) new episodes just posted in the CN app! Chock full of references to the original, as usual: Bundin and Hurick plus some sponge fog and an Automaton cameo in “Thunder Road” (my favorite of the bunch, I think), Baron Karnor and his gargoyles in “Corporate Buyout” (a sequel to “Working Grrrl” that riffs on “Tower of Traps”), and Spidera in “Schnorp” (a wacky romp that definitely had me giggling). Hachiman makes his debut (along with several Third Earth locales), and we get a hilarious new take on Pumm-Ra.

    Worst of the bunch for me is definitely “Mandora’s Law”—a convoluted moralization about frivolous lawmaking. “King of the Machines” gives us our first explicitly queer characters, which I appreciate, but the episode overall isn’t the strongest. “Berb-cules” has some great one-liners, but leaned a bit too hard into giant robot cartoon action for me. “Corporate Buyout” is fun for its references to “Tower of Traps”, but it left me wanting more. If you don’t have time to watch them all, then I would recommend “Pumm-Ra”, “Thunder Road”, “Schnorp” and “Hachiman”.

    Overall, an enjoyable batch of episodes and just the dose of levity I needed right now.
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