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    Agreed. the gold being worthless to the cats was such a nice little touch that they didn't need to do and one that many casual fans of the original series probably didnt even know/remember but they put it in anyway. It worked perfectly with the story and even if they never touch that angle again, it at least opens the door as to why the Berserkers could attack in the future - to get the gold (waste) from Cat's Lair. There really is a lot being done in pretty much every episode to pay homage to the original and for fans of the original.
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    I missed the cameo on first watch and went back to find it. It’s not just Lynx-O, Bengali and Pumyra. Tor and his fellow refugees from “Return to Thundera! Part III” also make an appearance, plus a man who resembles Leah’s father!
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    thats awesome! i need to go back and watch/pause it and check out the scene real close. That's so great though. Little things like that make me like this show more and more.
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