2011 Cheetara & Panthro FSoT & MORE!!!

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    2011 4" CHEETARA & PANTHRO - MOC!!!

    I prefer to sell, but might consider trades. (See Wants list Below in this thread)

    x2 Cheetara - (One Sold, ONE LEFT!!!)

    Panthro - GONE

    Marvel Universe, DCUC, Transformers, GI Joe, Star Wars and MORE (more to yet come too) :
    LINK TO HAVES: http://www.freewebs.com/greatwolf/marvelfigures.htm


    Lego Toys
    Mainly Looking for Star Wars Legos for my kids and I (Especially the mini figures)
    (--Especially these: Endor, Hoth, Deathstar, Millennium Falcon)
    Indiana Jones (just the minifig in jacket)
    Pirates (Or Pirates of the Carribean)
    Space (lowest pirority)
    Doctor Who (lego like sets)
    Possibly some Mega blocks sets

    CLassic Lion-O (for my son)
    Classic Tygra (for me, lol)
    6" 2011 Figs - any (loose is fine)
    Sword of Omens (any but the tiny one)
    Claw Shield (again, these if for my boy so loose is fine)

    Weapons Rack
    Buzz-Off (maybe)

    MOTU Other
    Neca Leech (loose is fine)
    Re-Release He-Man & Skeletor MOC
    Castle Greyskull (original)
    Castle Greyskull box
    My boy would like a Snake Mountain - so if its missing some pieces its okay. Just looking to get one very cheap

    Star Wars
    Pretty much any of the main characters in the Vintage Carded Collection figures (Luke, Han, Obi-Wan, Darth Vader, etc)(others considered)
    I need a missile that goes to the Jedi Star fighters in Episode III (my kids lost one of mine)
    Hoth playsets
    Obi-Wan Ep 3 (Sideshow)
    Anakin Ep 3 (Sideshow)
    Luke Ep 5 or 6 (Sideshow)

    DC Universe Classics: Young Justice - Artemis (I dont need the archery dio/display thing)
    DC Universe Classics Robin (modern version)
    DC UC Green Arrow (modern version)
    Voltron (SDCC "Blazing Sword" version, and/or Toynami plastic version)
    Ghostbusters (Mattel Online 6" figures preferred, or TRU figure pack. Also minimates in tan digs)
    Fantastic Four Minimates (just the 4 team members)
    Deadpool Minimate
    Minimates - possibly others
    Power Rangers (original team, these are for my kids, so not too worried about condition)
    Captain America WWII 4" movie figure
    Marvel Select Thor
    Marvel Select Movie Iron Man
    Indiana Jones (Sideshow)
    General Hawk POC
    GI Joe Mobile Command Center (NOT the POC version)

    Costume stuffs:
    Obi-Wan Ep 3 Costume stuff
    TK belt (soft)
    Jedi (let me know what you have. Male or Female)
    Pirate stuff
    Lord Of The Rings Swords
    Stargate costume stuff
    Maybe other?

    Airsoft Guns! (I'd trade a LOT towards a good one)
    Leathercrafting tools
    Got something else? Feel free to let me know. Ya never know!
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  2. Tigrexx

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    I have a loose classics Lion-o and Tygra if you are interested.Interested with your Marvel stuff,PM me.

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