2011 ThunderCats Trading Card Set

Discussion in 'Modern Collectables' started by Mumm-Ra, Nov 12, 2011.

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    I saw these in Target today!! I got a good chunk of the set. And the set is 80 cards total.
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    I used to play Magic the Gathering a long time ago,
    80 cards would make a great collection! Nice
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    Are the cards just straight-up still shots from the first few episodes of the show?
  6. mcss aerocoupe

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    Here's the details I can give on the cards from what I picked up the other day:

    1-12 Character Collection (Foil)
    13-25 Character Collection
    26 Vehicle Collection
    27-31 Art Collection
    32-64 Scene Collection - Episodes 1-5, and #5 is referred to as "Panthro's Past" on the cards
    65-80 Puzzle Collection - Sets of 4 cards that make mini-poster images

    Character Collection (Foil)
    1-01 Lion-O
    1-02 Lion-O
    1-03 Lion-O (misprint - missing "Character Collection" on front, but can see it was supposed to be there)
    1-04 Lion-O
    1-05 Cheetara
    1-06 Cheetara
    1-07 Tygra
    1-08 Tygra
    1-09 Wilykat & Wilykit
    1-10 Snarf
    1-11 Panthro
    1-12 Panthro (misprint - missing "Character Collection" on the front, but can not see where it was supposed to be there like on 1-03)

    Character Collection
    1-13 Mumm-Ra
    1-14 Mumm-Ra
    1-15 Slithe
    1-16 Grune The Warrior
    1-17 Jaga
    1-18 Claudus
    1-19 Coynelius Toonar
    1-20 Ramlak
    1-21 Khamai
    1-22 Kask
    1-23 Sauro
    1-24 Emrick
    1-25 Driller

    Vehicle Collection
    1-26 ThunderTank

    Art Collection
    1-27 Lion-O/Mumm-Ra - Hear the Roar
    1-28 Lion-O
    1-29 Lion-O/Panthro/Tygra - Fight Like Cats
    1-30 Lion-O - ThunderCats
    1-31 Lion-O - ThunderCats

    Scene Collection
    1-32 Intruders
    1-33 Technology
    1-34 Great Loss
    1-35 Vision
    1-36 Special Meal
    1-37 Redemption
    1-38 Beyond the Walls
    1-39 Return of the Hero
    1-40 Rivalry
    1-41 Sword of Omens
    1-42 Faith
    1-43 Aid
    1-44 Pride of Cats
    1-45 Reunion
    1-46 Companion
    1-47 Lost
    1-48 Trap
    1-49 Feast
    1-50 Dark Magic
    1-51 Encounter
    1-52 Inquisitive
    1-53 Sword Lessons
    1-54 Courage
    1-55 Battle in the Briar
    1-56 Time to go Home
    1-57 Savior
    1-58 Thundrillium
    1-59 Comrades
    1-60 Whisperer
    1-61 Ressurection
    1-62 Conflict
    1-63 Proof of the King
    1-64 Rage

    Puzzle Collection
    1-65 Puzzle 1 #1
    1-66 Puzzle 1 #2
    1-67 Puzzle 1 #3
    1-68 Puzzle 1 #4
    1-69 Puzzle 2 #1
    1-70 Puzzle 2 #2
    1-71 Puzzle 2 #3
    1-72 Puzzle 2 #4
    1-73 Puzzle 3 #1
    1-74 Puzzle 3 #2
    1-75 Puzzle 3 #3
    1-76 Puzzle 3 #4
    1-77 Puzzle 4 #1
    1-78 Puzzle 4 #2
    1-79 Puzzle 4 #3
    1-80 Puzzle 4 #4

    Thanks to Terra Bemani and Mumm-Ra for helping complete the names of the cards.
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  7. Terra Bemani

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    Thundercats 2011 Collector Cards Found Today @ Target ($2.99 per pack/Pics Inside)

    Got three packs today. Really really happy they had these. I'm in usa by the way. So they should be at all targets now I assume. I took some pics with my digital camera. And warning there really really massive pics. Right
    click and view image for a bigger version. The pics I took are even bigger as well. But it looks like photobucket auto resized them.

    Also this site can use these pics ever how they please. Plus anyone else that would like to as well. Same thing goes for the scans if you would like them as well.


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  8. Lordore

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    Thanks for sharing, they look great. Are they also selling an official album to put them inside?
  9. Terra Bemani

    Terra Bemani Moleman

    I didn't see that. I didn't even know there was one. I would love to buy this myself. Do you have a link to where I could order this please?
  10. Lordore

    Lordore Moderator

    I don't know if such an album exists or will ever come out. I thought they might sell it along with the cards. Sorry:)
  11. T-Cat

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    Nice find! Bandai should make this into a card game like Pokemon. I can see it now,Thundercats card tournaments @ Toys R Us! lol
  12. mcss aerocoupe

    mcss aerocoupe Moderator

    I don't think there is an album for them. They are like all other collectible "baseball-type" cards I have ever seen other than the rounded edges.

    I would not put too many high quality pictures up, at least not until series 1 is retired for series 2. The manufacturer might not like us having pictures good enough to print your own copies out...


    You do have a good shot of the Panthro misprint there, the one without "character collection" side-by-side with the others that do have it. Also, the card "Reunion", is that 1-32, 1-42, or 1-45?
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  13. Terra Bemani

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    Reunion is 1-45.

    And yeah I didn't notice about that misprint thing. I wonder if it's a common one too? Sorry about the thread thing too. It is fitting to have all the info in one thread.
  14. blackiecats

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    It would be cool if Panini were to make a sticker album collection :) Not such a fan of trading cards though.
  15. mcss aerocoupe

    mcss aerocoupe Moderator

    No problem. Thanks for the card number. I updated the list to reflect the addition. I don't know if all of them are identical, or if the misprints are random. Only time will tell.
  16. Cap'n Cracka

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    I've been looking on line for these cards since I read the thread and haven't been able to find them anywhere. I would love to order a box of them. Anyone know anywhere online we can order these???
  17. Terra Bemani

    Terra Bemani Moleman

    Now you remind me of the Ducktales one, all the disney movie theme ones and the Nintendo one I still have. They would always sell the small sticker packs in the checkout isles of grocery stores as a kid here too. Back in the late 80's/early 90's too I think. Sometimes you would of course find loose stickers in the small boxes and such. XD

    I even did that trade thing I believe through mail at least once for either the ducktales or nintendo one. You just sent them the numbers you needed and payed something I think. May have been order only, trade or both. I can't remember what exactly it was. I did actually scan all of that nintendo one just to preserve it and all. It's pretty beat up now.
  18. jabus

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    I can't post the link but they are on the ToyWiz site.
  19. Kameinu

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    Eh..this is not going to last. Xiaolin Showdown and Ben 10 got trading cards and they didn't go pass the second expansion.

    Either way, I'll buy this is I come across them. I've always bought tradings cards, and forever will. So why not?
  20. Cap'n Cracka

    Cap'n Cracka Mutant

    thanks for the info!!! i have been to 3 Targets around me here in Pennsylvania and still no sign of these cards anywhere. Anyone know the shipping date of the pre-order boxes?? All i can find is January but not an actual date

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