2011 ThunderCats Trading Card Set

Discussion in 'Modern Collectables' started by Mumm-Ra, Nov 12, 2011.

  1. elkkthunder

    elkkthunder Junior Member

    any chance for the dpci # off the target receipt for in store searching??
  2. lostdwarf

    lostdwarf Vortex Explorer

    Love that there's Thundercats cards, hate that it's $2.99 a pack for only 8 cards, no artist sketches, no autographs. It seems for the price it's a lil high for what you get. I collect sports cards and for $2.99 you get a heck of a lot more for your money. I'm torn here. I may just wait and buy a set on ebay insteadof breaking packs and trying to build the set.
  3. mcss aerocoupe

    mcss aerocoupe Moderator

    Sorry, I am not sure what number you are asking for. From the receipt, it is listed under Grocery, 055065761 - MISC 2012 - $2.99 ea. But the numbers under the barcode are 0 - 45557 - 23860 - 5

    I hope one of those are the number you are looking for.
  4. elkkthunder

    elkkthunder Junior Member

    you got it - the one of the receipt
  5. Devall

    Devall Junior Member

    Seeing these really reminds me of the trading card explosion and deflation in the 90's. Anyone else remember the deluge of licensed card sets that were out there?

    They look really well done. I may have to keep my eyes peeled, someone will throw up a completed set somewhere. I'm getting too old (and cards are getting too expensive) to partake in the hunt, lol!
  6. ThunderMatt

    ThunderMatt New Member

  7. Mumm-Ra

    Mumm-Ra Glass Walker

    1-19=Coynelius Toonar

    I'm 8 cards away from a double set.
    Need 25, 58, 59, 71

    Maybe we can set up trade.

    Have triples all but 42.
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  8. mcss aerocoupe

    mcss aerocoupe Moderator

    Thanks for the card info. As for trading, there is a thread in the TCat Marketplace.
  9. Cap'n Cracka

    Cap'n Cracka Mutant

    Just got a box of the cards. I like the set and i love the idea of the cards. What I don't understand though is that this set of cards is based on the first, what 6 episodes and is being released now. I don't understand the timing. They are about a half season behind. IF a second series of cards were to be released before the start of the next season THAT would be great. It would keep it up to date and at least something would be coming out of this in between season time. But i don't see that happening. Just strange timing.
  10. panthro23

    panthro23 New Member

    im looking for any extras that anyone may have... i will list what i need in a bit and what extras i have...

    mumm-ra... lmk a price on the cards you have....thanks
  11. Thunderbee

    Thunderbee Junior Member

    Ohio Card Collectors?

    Anyone in Central Ohio want to meet up for a trade and share moment? I am missing about 18 cards, but have doubles of ALL the others (and like 10 Slyth Character cards...YEESH!!!).

    I am in Dublin, North of Columbus... Let me know if you want to meet-up and we can trade!
  12. mcss aerocoupe

    mcss aerocoupe Moderator

    Reminder, the Buy/Sell/Trade section is the area to discuss trading of cards. There is already a thread for these cards there.

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