2012 Lion-o Hallmark Keepsake Ornament

Discussion in 'Modern Collectables' started by Mumm-Ra, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. Mumm-Ra

    Mumm-Ra Vortex Explorer


    $14.95 US

    Hoping this the first of a annual series. Pretty sweet!

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  2. Daremonger

    Daremonger Thunderian Legend

    ThunderCats ornaments sound excellent! :thumbsup:
  3. adssse

    adssse Thunderian Legend

    I am going to have to keep an eye out for this!
  4. catspat

    catspat also known as...Leppardra

    YES!! I'm going to get that! :thumbsup:
  5. Daremonger

    Daremonger Thunderian Legend

    I wanna buy one! :D
  6. lostdwarf

    lostdwarf Vortex Explorer

    I literally had a tear in my eye when I saw this. KNowing what my tree is about (things we all like as a family) this is beautiful!!! can't wait to display it!!!
  7. mcss aerocoupe

    mcss aerocoupe Moderator

    Heads up!

    I found a Lion-O ornament in the batch of already released ornaments in my local Hallmark. Pictures to be added shortly.

    Here are a few shots. First is with the box and a 4 inch Bandai figure for size reference.

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  8. mystique

    mystique Junior Member

    That's a very nice ornament. I have a question. Is it heavy?
  9. mcss aerocoupe

    mcss aerocoupe Moderator

    No. Compared to the 4 inch BanDai figure I used for size comparison, the ornament is noticably lighter.
  10. adssse

    adssse Thunderian Legend

    I picked one of these up last week. They really are nicely done and I would recommend them to anyone on the fence.
  11. Daremonger

    Daremonger Thunderian Legend

    I want that ornament. ^^
  12. Lord LionO

    Lord LionO Mutant

    So torn with this one, like the idea and it would be awesome to have on my tree but whats with the fairy pose? I don't remember Lion-O in that pose at any time in the entire series, gonna have to think about this one
  13. mcss aerocoupe

    mcss aerocoupe Moderator

    It is just a random "action" pose. Apparently, the people who design ornaments now-a-days have the mentality that, since it hangs by a hook, then any excuse to make the ornament take a pose that is impossible to display standing on its own is great.

    I would have prefered a more cartoon accurate pose as well, but the iconic ones have been "taken" by the statues that have been released in the last couple of years. At least with this generic pose, it isn't like getting a miniature version of an action figure or statue...
  14. mystique

    mystique Junior Member

    A few days ago, I received my Lion-O ornament and I was amazed by the fact that it is a very detailed sculpt.

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