2012 Thundercats toys first look!

Discussion in 'Mezco and Bandai Toys' started by balgus82, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. balgus82

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  2. mcss aerocoupe

    mcss aerocoupe Moderator

    Yeah, the bandages look cool, but why no cape?

    I hope they are also fixing more than "just" the pins for joints. The flesh tone ankle piece is a bit annoying.
  3. He-Fan

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    Chris here...

    I kind-of agree with the comments above - and, I'm also disappointed that they're "mix-and-matching" classic and new, I understand why they're doing it but with 4" versions of these characters having already been released, I'd much rather have seen more classic-style figures! :(

    Take care... :)
  4. Snarf25

    Snarf25 Active Member

    Wow Thank you for That Info! I Cant Wait To Add That Mumm-RA :mummra: To my Collection!!
  5. He-Fan

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  6. Soapy

    Soapy Junior Member

    Nice figures except Lion-O, the headscan is a lot worse compared with the 8 inch figure :(

    So they will be making the classic figures in 8 inch as well and sell them online or how do you think it'll work?
  7. Dr_SLUMP

    Dr_SLUMP Berserker


    6" (?) Lion-O has an expression of pain, is it from when he pranked Snarf about having a cramp?! At least throw an interchangeable head in! :lionomad: And his chest still looks like having gynecomastia; the pecs are supposed to be larger in the mid section, not the lower!

    As for Mumm-Ra, he looks as he's been sharing the same diet with Ma-Mutt. What kind of torso is that?! Makes even Steven Seagal look like Mr. Olympia! Anatomy people, anatomy... even Mattel did a far greater job in the original MOTU. :confused:

    Dear Bandai, please quit the classics and let the Four Horsemen take over. Sell the rights, do whatever it takes. Fans will be extremely disappointed and the line will be canceled, while I'll be very unhappy not to have any classics for my children to play with. Trust me I'm not the average fan, I am studying Product Design.

    Only people who were kids of the 80s, wherever ThunderCats were popular should be allowed to design these figures. I am absolutely sure that none of their designers watched ThunderCats as a kid, therefore they cannot do proper sculpts.

    Why? Every single thing looks off, just look at those fangs... clear evidence of Asian designers who never watched the show before they were hired to do the sculpts. If not in pain, Lion-O sure looks like imitating some kabuki mask or Tekken's Yoshimitsu! Great for an anime figure, but not a classics ThunderCats toyline.

    Enough with my ranting... the other figures look spot-on, on the new show Bandai does justice indeed.
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    MXTHUNDERCAT Laser Beast

    New figures

    The 2011 new figures look ....ok.......im not even gonna bother and go into detail with those

    Now the Classics OMG........although lion-o's face is terrible and looks nothing like lion-o ill leave that alone too. On the other hand...Mummra is just absolutely horrific. everything that I quoted above is true, he looks so bad i might not even buy it, ARMS AND LEGS ARE TOO SKINNY, hes supposed to imposing and muscular... his chest is just plain, hardly any definition...face looks weird ( like all the faces of the classics they released), what about accessories? he better have the sword of plundarr, even the 1980s toy had a couple or weapons....and finally the most unbelievable thing...NO CAPE!!!!!!!!!!!! ...whos is sculpting these things??? WOW BANDAI SURE KNOWS HOW TO **** OF FANS OF THE CLASSIC SHOW

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  9. blackiecats

    blackiecats Legacy Team Member

    I agree. I think the Classics figures need major improvements making to them. The new series toys look great. My only nitpick with those is Tygra's cheap looking bolo whip. For a 6" collector figure they should have done better with that.
  10. He-Fan

    He-Fan Legacy Team Member

    Chris here...

    I definitely agree that there are improvements that could be made to the classic-style figures - I don't like Lion-O's angry expression, although I guess it's been done to draw a distinction between the 8" figure and this new 6", since the two are very similar...

    As to the absence of Mumm-Ra's cape, I suspect that's been done because the classic LJN figure was also minus a cape - but I agree it's a missed opportunity! :(

    Take care... :)
  11. balgus82

    balgus82 Thunderian Legend

    in the interview they said they weren't basing him off the old figure and that they were trying to get him screen accurate.
  12. He-Fan

    He-Fan Legacy Team Member

    Chris here...

    In which case - they've failed, LOL! :D

    Take care... :)
  13. Chromeagle

    Chromeagle Barbarian

    Very disappointed in the new classics and I wont be wasting my money on them. I wish they would have just stuck with the 8" line. Just goes to show that even with todays tech they will never beat the original figures. The modern Cheetara does look nice though.
  14. kimory

    kimory Junior Member

    They don't want to sell anything for the Thundercats Classics with mess like this. Why does Lion-O look like he's holding back the mother of all bowel movements?

    Mumm-ra with no cape? The overall design of these figures is totally disappointing. I'm not spending a dime on this mess. :lionomad:

    MXTHUNDERCAT Laser Beast


    I have a marketing degree and I can tell you that this Bandai team is not doing their homework on the research part....Some of the problems with these figures are way to obvious to claim they are subjective to the buyer. If the marketing team would have done their research they would have known that most of the os fans wouldve preferred a smaller scale than the 8", simply because it looks odd when you put them next to the original toys. if they would have seen the scale of the MOTU classics they would have known that 6 to 7 inch works beautifully. Things like Tygra's face on the 8" classic (ugly), how flimsy lion-o's sword is (ridiculous), the black joints, mummras scult overall, lion-o 6" classic's face....these are things the marketing team should have done a fan focus group for to see if it works. clearly there is no true fan in the Bandai team and they have no clue what fans want. plus how in the world did they plan to add vehicles with an 8" scale.....imagine a thundertank that needs to seat 2 in the front...two of the 8" figures??? Hire me Bandai and ill solve all your problems.
  16. CactusDan

    CactusDan New Member

    Screaming face figures are terrible.
  17. balgus82

    balgus82 Thunderian Legend

    at the very least they shouldn't have them on the heroes. no one wants the good guys to look more evil than the villains.
  18. Pumyra

    Pumyra Junior Member

    That's right. The open mouth of Lion-o is identical to de Mum-Ra one.:confused:
    I really don't like this new 6" classic figures. I hope we see more of the 8" line which is acceptable.
  19. Snarfer

    Snarfer Junior Member

    Sometimes too much nostalgia is a bad thing. Have you seen the original LJN figures. They look kinda retarded ( Even Bandai's worst 6-8 inch modern/classic figures look exponentially better than LJN's best). Here's mummra:

    Merged Post:
    The 6 inch Lion-O classic is based on the recently released Lion-O statue:

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  20. Copperkid

    Copperkid Vortex Explorer

    I like the 8 inch figures so I'm glad they are keeping these. I agree about the new lion-o head, it looks weird. I personally like the mummra, I think theres at least half a dozen ways that one can interpret the old animation. Some are more detailed than others for all characters imo. I'm happy and thankful for any classics line, I don't really see the point in being so picky about every single item made. Have fun!

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