2012 Thundercats toys first look!

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    Any idea of when wave 2 is goin to be released in the uk?

    Also fingers crossed sales of wave 1 do well over the coming months here in the uk.

    Seems like there is going to be alot of collecting to do over the coming years!!!
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    It's driving me nuts that you can't preorder the following on BBTS. Anyone else in this boat?

    Series 2 4" set (shows up as sold out, but BBTS customer support told me they never took any orders for this and may have been blocked from listing a preorder by WB.)

    Series 2 6" collector figure set of the new figures (the case is sold out, and it includes a figure from series 1)

    Storm charger (not listed at all)

    Tygus with vehicle (not listed at all)
  3. Hey guys, how come the upcoming classics will be in a scale of 6" rather than the 8" that was previously released with Lion-o and Tygra? Also i think people are being harsh on these new classics, the original two i mentioned were awesome, the upcoming lion-o looks great..i seem him with that angry face many times on the cartoon and think Bandai did a great job with it, but i will give it a miss because i dont buy the same figures just for a different head scan...my only beef is with Mumm-ra i think his torsa does seem out of scale but with the right pose it can be made to look better, the face is fine i just wish the cape was included!! The fans really wanted to see classic Tygra and Panthro in this new wave in 8" not 6". Bandai take note.
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    Im worried about that also, im assuming a lot of buyers (myself included) rushed into buying them from the States (only because Bandai werent clear on if the classics would have been released in the UK) leaving not many people to pick them up but who knows, i know for a fact people will get a nostalgia rush when they see these and impulse buy, ive witnessed it tonight with one guy rushing over to the thundercats and goin nuts and i seen him pick up classic lion-o and tygra. Im pretty sure they will do just fine with sales and we will get future waves with no problems at all. Heres hoping :)
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    I just came back from a stroll at the Toy Shops where i expected to find some of the New Thundercats Figures but unfortunatelly still nothing has been released in Greece. I thought that since Wave one has hit UK it would be prudent to presume they will be in my country too. I guess around March or April they will probably start appearing at the stores, of course this depends on the cartoon being broadcasted in the TV too
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    I'm looking foward to Cheetara classics 8" and the way they gonna sell her.
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    Found the new classic 80's Mumm-ra (Ever Living Form) for $14.97 at Wal-Mart today. That's the 6" one right? They had the Armor of Omens as well and that was $23.97 and comes with a Lion-O figure that looked all goldish. Basically like the Tygra that came with the Tower Of Omens set only gold. Forgot to check for the other new 4" ones but I don't think there out yet?

    And is the current 6" 2011 Lion supposed to go with the Armor Of Omens right? Just wanted to ask before I go about buying another 6" 2011 Lion-O and open it. I'm like a lot of collectors here too where I won't open really anything unless I have a extra figure of it.
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    Armor of Omens has a 4" Lion-O inside not a 6"
  8. Soapy

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    Did I miss something? When was it confirmed and how do they sell it?
  9. RichardX1

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    They are in the U.S. Saw the new 4" figs (Transformed Mumm-Ra, Lion-O w/ arm armor, Cyber-Panthro, Claudus) at a Wal-Mart today.
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  11. Lordore

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    Well, today i received my first Thundercats Toys from the Bandai line!! I am very happy I finally bought the 6'' Panthro,Lion-o and Mumm-Ra.

    I was pretty excited when i openend the parcel:[​IMG]

    And here they are!!:thumbsup::

    In their overall presantation remind me a lot of the GIJOE Figures. They have many articulation points and the are very flexible, you can almost pose them in every way you like, recreating the best action scenes!
    My 12 year old brother loved them right away and already tells me he wants to get hold of the rest. Comparing to some other present Toys the Thundercats Line is top-notch. Even though the size doesn't help them a lot, they are highly detailed and the color variety is pretty rich, i haven't got the 4'' yet but i am afraid they are going to be below par.Moreove, i strongly believe Bandai should stick to the 6''.

    I couldn't refrain from doing this inevitable comparison!:[​IMG]

    I put side by side my Lion-O/Snarf MOC and Panthro before i opened him"

    I don't know if you have tried the same test guys, you would be amazed how contemporary and time lasting the old LJN figs are.And i am not biased at all against the Bandai Thundercats. i was one of the few fans at the begining who supported the new line.
    However, i have to say that as far as an adult collector is concerned the LJN Thundercats are way better display carded than the 2011 versions.Actually, the unmatch beauty of the Carded LJN Figs is one of the main pros which contributed to their lasting appeal through time. 4 Years ago when i had first joined the Lair, i stressed many time the statue quality the old figs had, hardly do we see similar examples in toy industry in the past or present.Taking into account their height, limited aricuation, detailed expressions,firm stature and rich palette from top to the bottom we can undoubtedly say,26 years later, that Thundercats paved the way for the modern statues passion.

    From a kid's perspective though the Bandai Thundercats have the edge, one thing i definetely like and think is great the variety of accesories for each character, Mumm-ra can be so different depending on the weapon and hand you choose to fit him in.The same goes for Lion-O.Bandai did a good job indeed on this part.Also, the cartoon likeness is very faithfull,something which didn't apply to all the LJN thundercats.for instance PUmyra was very poorly made and panthro's squating position limits him to be showcased in the Thundertank.On the other hand, i don't believe these toys would ever reach in 10-20 years,the Vintage quality of their predecessors,They lack almost in every aspect when displayed carded.Even the Thundercats logo looks so small and squashed. i hold them in my hands and i inly wanted to open them instead of keeping them inside the bubble.

    Anyway, waht matters is Thundercats are finallt back, and i am very content with their new look, will try to pick them all in 2012!!

    -Sorry fot the sloppy pics, i used my mobile's phone,unfortunatelly me SONY Camera is still on the police department

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  12. Lordore

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    Yesterday i received three more of the Bandai Thundercats Toyline but i had time to open them today
    I got 4'' Tygra and Cheetara.Also i purchased the Thundertank!!

    I am amazed how cool the Thundertank looks, the box artwork is really awesome too.Even though the 4'' figs are miniature-like,they match perfectly when placed in the Thundertank.They are very proportional to the Thundercats vehicle,making them ideal for display. The activated sound and light effects are great too.With he additions of Thunderracers i believe it will look even better,and i plan them to be my next purchase.

    Here are a few pics:

    Fresh off the box!



    The 4'' figs fit so nicely on the Thundertank! I like it a lot[​IMG]

    To be honest i didn't expect the 4'' line to be so small and tiny.I think they might be even smaller than the BEN 10 figs that i've seen on some toystores.However, they aren't deprived of quality and detail. It seemed to me,robably due to the size they have less articulation pints and the screws aren't so obvious like the 6'' counterparts.

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  13. Osbert

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    Nice going Lordore, glad to see you've got your hands on some!
  14. Dom

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    Congrats buddy, may have to get a Thundertank myself:liono
  15. Lordore

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    Without the slightest reserve i suggest you go for the Thundertank man.It is one of the best assets of Bandai. You will be thrilled how great it is to display your 4'' figs on the Thundertank, they look so good in scale. I like it so much that my next buy will be the 2 Thunderacers!
  16. starrcade89

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    Very cool pickups!

    Re. the thundertank, its amazing i think, dont know why people moaned about it? it comes apart, so what, put it back together!

    Love it.:thumbsup:
  17. Lordore

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    What comes apart is the Thunderracers on the two sides. And even when they are detached the tank looks awesome.Owing to the 4'' figs size, they Thundercats team can be placed inside the Vehicle.Which is really cool.

    LJN's Thundertanks is legendary of course but it is kind os bulky and can fit only two Figures. I've watched many videos of the Bnadai Vehicles and i express my enthusiasm for their overall aesthetic quality.
  18. Dom

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    My only complaint about the Thundertank is the size. It could really have done with being bigger. It has the same problem as the vintage version. The toy is awesome, but its too small to fit all the guys in
  19. Lordore

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    They have made the Thundertank is proportion to the 4'' figs.I think that the 4 main Thundercats can all fit in the Vehicle simultaneously.For instance, you have Panthro at the steering wheel, Lion-O and Tygra inside the Thunderacers, which are going to be very cool and Cheetara on top, it's like recreating the Begining of episode 10, SightBeyond Sight!

    You can put the Kittens with their boards, along the two sides
  20. Tygra

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    You could also put them in the trunk. :p

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