2012 Thundercats toys first look!

Discussion in 'Mezco and Bandai Toys' started by balgus82, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. Michael

    Michael Mutant

    Congrats on getting hold of them Lordore!

    I agree with your assessments, yes there are a few niggles about the line, but overall I am loving them!! Both 4 and 6 inches!

    And the Tank is awesome! I wonder if they'll release an updated tank or an attachment to reflect the new changes in the cartoon?
  2. Lordore

    Lordore Moderator

    Hy Michael, it always nice to see new fans showing their enthusiasm and appreciation for a legendary line.I do really appreciate and share your excitement and passion for the New Series.
    Happy to solve any questions you may have.

    Actually, the more i see them displayed, the 4'' grow on me!! Given their size and height, Bandai did the best it could to get out of them.They are delicately made, lacking no quality or aesthetic appeal.I will certainly support Bandai's Thundercats,primerily because i think they did a good jog, showing respect to the history of the show.

    Inevitably,we all make the mistake of comparing and contrasting the New line to the LJN line,this is not fair by any means.The old toyline has rightfully earned its place on the pantheon of Toys and its contribution to the franchise is immense. No other Toyline has single-handedly managed to support and keep fresh a show which could have easily died out after so many years of being away from the limelight,Just keep in mind that no merchandise related product was released for almost 20 yeras!!None. Fans had to make do only with the old toys,But their superb quality didn't only help in retaining Thundercats on the map but to a larger extent made them even more famous and popular, attributing mythical status to a farnchise from a bygone era...
    Let me justify this by saying that about 10 years ago, when i was started to collect the LJN staff, you could fing the rarest of pieces in ridiculous prices,an 8back Lion-o MOC for 50-60 usd!! The internet sellers weren't yet aware of the treasure in their hands, after a while people were swarming over them like crazy!! hence the present very expensice prices!!

    The Banadai toys are still very young and fresh.it's a whole new ballgame now, and the philosophy of toymaking has changed from the 80s.i thing we should all bear that very clear in our minds.Given the present standards of toymaking they are very good indeed.That is what matters to me.

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