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Discussion in 'Vintage Collectables' started by Blackwing, Apr 20, 2015.

  1. Blackwing

    Blackwing Berbill

    I wanted to start a discussion on whether people thought Thundercats memorabilia is actually a bad investment or good one.

    As time goes on do you think prices go up as supply disappears or does the older we get lessen the fan-base and prices go down.

    I wonder this for selfish reasons ofcourse. I have a 96% complete collection of moc and mib, that damn driller is too expensive and I pretend the tonguesaurus doesn't really exist, but these wicked things that I love sit safely in a rubbermaid bin in the basement and i take them out all of never. I already have my nerd dungeon all decked out in thundercats stuff so there's enough to go around.

    I just never know if I should sell them all before they're worth nothing. Or satisfy myself just knowing I can take them out anytime I want. I sometimes wonder if I really just enjoyed hunting for them and now that the hunt is over...

    I just wonder if anyone else is challenged by this.
  2. Daremonger

    Daremonger Thunderian Legend

    I think "ThunderCats" memorabilia is a very good thing. It's been pretty good ever since the original show came out.
  3. Mark / Grizzlor

    Mark / Grizzlor Site Director TC.org Staff

    I think this is a question that comes down to demographics and sustainability of any one particular brand. I think Transformers and MOTU collectibles are good investments because they keep getting a lot of love from their brand owners. They have had big movies and shows and toys being released.

    ThunderCats hasn't had the same success and so unless that changes the collectibles will only appeal to people our age. For the next 30 years or so we'll tend to become wealthier and we'll have more disposable income so the really hard to find items will become more valuable. Beyond that as the collectors retire and live within fixed incomes they're less likely to splurge on ThunderCats stuff.

    And as the collectors die and there are fewer buyers then the collectibles lose a lot of value. Unless the original toons and toys somehow get a cult following from our kids they'll be sold by those who inherit them, probably for less than a knowledgable collector would insist on earning for them.

    So if I outlive you guys I'll be picking up your primo stuff from your kids!
  4. ThunDerianRoyalGuard

    ThunDerianRoyalGuard Site Admin TC.org Staff

    I dont think the supply will disapear. People start and stop collecting all the time and everybody is constantly buying and selling stuff. And when they want to sell something, they ofcourse try to make a profit, so the price is jacked up.

    I think there are a few items that will keep their value and are a good investment, like the Tongue-A-Saurus, the ThunderWings & Luna Lasher figures, Laser Saber figures,Driller, Stinger, 8-Backs etc. Those are items that ARE hard to find. But most of the "rare" items aren't that rare.

    Prices are up, so if you want to sell stuff I think this is the time to try. But you'll probably regret it :)

    This! ^

    HAHAHA! :D Good one!
  5. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    If someone had told me this time last year that today I would be sitting without one single Thundercats toy I wouldn't have believed them.

    I had a lack of space and had other things in mind to use the money for but to be honest I did notice that the plastic on a few of the figures had started to break down/deteriorate (has sticky residue and seems softer).

    It was a very hard decision to make but I decided to sell them and enjoy the money I got for them.

    I do understand what you mean about the thrill of the hunt. Some times when you get the item you have hunted so long for there is an odd feeling of 'well what should I do now that I have it'.

    Financially I think they are a good investment only if you plan on selling them.

    For me unless there are put on display to be looked at an enjoyed all the time it seems a bit pointless having them stored away.

    I am not saying you should do this, but if I was in your situation and had loose Thundercats and a 96% collection all mint boxed in the basement I would sell all the boxed stuff and use the money for something else.
  6. Blackwing

    Blackwing Berbill

    Haha, yea I think I might be old and grey and still have them in a box somewhere for my grandkids to find and sell.

    But it's hard to know if you should leave them be or sell them and use the money else where. I was thinking of picking up old 1st appearance comics might be a good investment and fun to collect. The 1st wolverine is still somewhat affordable amazingly enough.

    I love all the stuff I've collected over the years. And there's a lot of it. But I do agree with Mark/Griz without enlarging the fanbase by having a new 'successful' show or something similar demand will go down and so will prices until they collapse.

    But it was never really about money... I imagine sometimes, if I did sell everything, and had a fist full of money what would I do with it? And I think as thundarianroyalguard said, I'd probably regret it and try to collect it all again. I've sold smaller sections of my collection and re-collected them more than once. :eek:

    But more over, I guess the hunt is over. :( There's no more undiscovered aspects of the show. Maybe thats the problem. As I was collecting, especially print material I kept finding new and awesome things out about the show. Like the unpublished script, new models sheets, new ads etc. But for the last few years I haven't found anything that I haven't already seen or collected. It does seem like exploring the inner working of the show is sort of done. Thats depressing. In toy terms it's like finally getting that feliner prototype and then its over. You're at the top of the mountain. They didn't make anything else. (though I don't think I ever saw a thunderstrike prototype outside of pictures);).

    Anyhow, sorry if I'm rambling.
  7. collecting

    i am in same boat as you guys are i started collecting in year 2010 and am more of getting bored as seen everything and nothing new. i am debating of keeping just the core team and get rid of everything else.
  8. adssse

    adssse Thunderian Legend

    Do you collect just the vintage line or also the modern line?
  9. actually both mostly vintage though i would say 75% vintage but lately i feel like just pushing this collection as once you complete it you say "now what" :liono

    I am thinking of selling with first up will be tigersharks.
  10. adssse

    adssse Thunderian Legend

    I am a fan of both the new and old. Sorry to hear that collecting is leaving you unfulfilled now that it is almost complete. I guess I just have too many things that I want yet to feel that way. :)

    Are your Tigersharks MOC or loose? I have always thought they were nice looking figures and enjoyed the cartoon.
  11. tigersharks

    Tigersharks are MOC. I only collect MOC have few loose figures though.
  12. adssse

    adssse Thunderian Legend

    Very nice! Those must have cost a pretty penny!
  13. it actually was not that bad as i got lots of pieces at a good prices. still expensive for toy but thats collecting then.
  14. adssse

    adssse Thunderian Legend

    Sounds awesome! I would really enjoy seeing some pictures of your collection if you get the time. :D
  15. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    It's petty co that some of the less successful toys lines are still some what inexpensive to collect.

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