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Discussion in 'Fan Art & Customs' started by saltygirl, Oct 31, 2007.

  1. saltygirl

    saltygirl Crabman


    he's going trick-or-treating.* but see?* even jaga himself isn't above putting on a costume every now & then.* no 1 is immune!* NO 1!!!!* mwwahahahahahahahaaaaaa!!!


    ***screenshots are from purrsia's site. i just *******ized them w/ my evil photoshop skills.

    ***star wars is property of george lucas & lucasfilms. please don't sue me, mr. lucas!
  2. catspat

    catspat also known as...Leppardra

    Very good, salty! How did you do that? And you've got your research down perfectly, as Jaga was modeled on Obi-Wan Kenobi. :D
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  3. Tygra-wan

    Tygra-wan Glass Walker

    very cool, Saltygirl! I like it. Catspat - was this true? Jaga was modeled after Obi-wan?
  4. catspat

    catspat also known as...Leppardra

    Hi, Tygra-wan! Yes, it is true that Jaga was modeled on Obi-Wan Kenobi. :)
  5. Tygra-wan

    Tygra-wan Glass Walker

    Cool! How did you find out? Was it on one of the features of the dvds that I didn't see?
  6. He-Fan

    He-Fan Legacy Team Member

    Chris here...

    LOL, a very appropriate piece of Photoshop work, given that over the years I've heard a lot of talk about the connection between Jaga and the Jedi - with the character of Jaga the homages to Star Wars are quite striking, with the whole Luke/Obi-Wan relationship of the original trilogy basically being replicated, along with Jaga's disappearing act (a la "becoming one with the Force") in "Exodus"! :)

    I know a friend of mine, who posts as Rath Montchar on these Boards, once told me he wrote a fanfic when he was younger about how the Force came to Thundera, I think he said that it basically intimated that Jaga was a Jedi - I always thought that was an awesome idea! :D

    Wow, this is fantastic info! Can you tell me where you actually heard this stated? If that's on record from an official source, that is truly awesome info! :)

    Take care... :)
  7. catspat

    catspat also known as...Leppardra

    Jaga and Obi-Wan Kenobi

    Hi, Tygra-Wan and Chris! It was not mentioned in the DVD features that Jaga was patterned after Obi-Wan Kenobi, and there was no official statement about it either. But you didn't need one: If you watch "Star Wars" and then "Exodus", you clearly see what the "ThunderCats" pilot borrowed from that film. The Mutant attack on the Thunderian convoy, Jaga's physical death and returning spirit form, and his telling Lion-O to use the Sword of Omens are the three main examples of what ideas were used from "Star Wars". Heh, heh, believe me, that's never been a secret. ;)
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  8. saltygirl

    saltygirl Crabman

    there's been a lot of comparissions between tcats, superman, star wars, & king arthur. obi-wan seemed like the most logical thing jaga would dress up as, since they're both old & wise force ghosts.
  9. Rath Montchar

    Rath Montchar Moleman

    The Force was with you Salty when you made these!:D

    The story actually goes like this: a Jedi that was a feline species himself, wound up on ThunDERa, eventually marrying and having children. He was shocked to discover his half-ThunDERian offspring inherited his affinity for the Force. Eventually, the descendant of this feline Jedi crossed paths with Lion-O. Lion-O was impressed with what he saw and offered this desendant membership in the TC...which he accepted. And after that, the TC had the power of the Force...as well as the Eye of ThunDERa.

    Fortunately, ThunDERian technology was able to be employed to create lightsabers. Because of differences, these ThunDERian Jedi wield lightsabers of all colors. The Jedi Lion-O annointed carried a blue, then red saber. Descendants carry lightsabers with white; pink; yellow and orange blades.
  10. saltygirl

    saltygirl Crabman

    that's a very interesting take on the fandom, rath. & it combines 2 goodnesses...tcats & star wars!

    it's not far fetched that a thunderian could join the jedi order, considering the jedi have members that come from all walks of life from hundreds of planets. hmmm...now it'd be interesting to see a thunderian sith lord! woooooo darth mao / darth klaw / sumthing like that.
  11. Rath Montchar

    Rath Montchar Moleman

    Believe or not, Salty, I DID create a Thundercat Sith. That's right, a Thundercat that wields the power of the Dark Side of the Force for good. Her husband is a Jedi...so their offspring...well...he's literally a child of light and darkness. Visit my art thread of "The Force is With These Thundercats". The pantheress with the pink lightsaber is the Sith. And I should mention this couple is of a generation of Thundercats well after Lion-O's era. Naturally some evil ThunDERian Sith do emerge...the better to challenge the Jedi Thundercats. In my work, the galaxy that ThunDERa resides in is unknown to the New Republic.

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