A "Roaring" Second Intro

Discussion in 'ThunderCats Roar (2019)' started by Daremonger, Feb 26, 2020.

  1. Daremonger

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  2. Cheetoro

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    It's like the rest of the show. It's just ok. It would be a lot more impressive if it didn't look so cheap.
  3. T-Cat

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    The animation is unique and will catch on, but I wouldn't call it cheap!
    The 2011 series was expensive to make and CN didn't want to invest in the animation especially when it's not bringing in toy sales.

    A lot of Cartoon Network current series are animated like ThunderCats Roar and last more than 26 episodes, because it's appealing for younger kids to watch unlike the serious tone the previous TCats series offered! :panthro
  4. Cheetoro

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    Basic =/= automatically appealing. After all, there was a market for the original show or we wouldn't be here having this discussion.
  5. tone

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    Yeah but that market was in the 80s
    Listen, they weren’t ever going to make a show for 45+ demo. The ones maddest, understandably, are the 2011 fanbase. If I got into TC 2011, I’d be pissed as hell. Not only did they not get a second season or proper conclusion, but now it’s like the 2011 series was some alt-universe fanfic with TR returning to the source. Them doing that makes it much more unlikely 2011 will ever get finished or get rebooted. Another series, even if mature (hopefully), will probably also go back to the original series canon and character designs for reference.
  6. tone

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    TBF, maybe my take is biased and wishful thinking since I don’t like 2011.
  7. adssse

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    I like this new intro! It is its own tone and is kinda fun! I am a huge fan of both the original and 2011 series. This is a very different take, but I am open to it. I have shared all of the versions with my kids (ages 5 & 9) and am happy to have some new and current for us to enjoy together!
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  8. T-Cat

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    That's the best approach to all of this! The bright side to this is we'll see all the beloved characters from the Rankin Bass series! In a few weeks the Warrior Maidens make an appearance.:panthro

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