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    Most of my collection is print material, and tonnes of it. I know not a lot of people are into print material but it is interesting and definitely hard to find and collect. I've been at it for years. And as a note nothing here is a copy from the anything on the net! :oops:

    tcats 045.jpg

    These are the promo photos, I was able recently to pick up the ones from 1987 in addition to the 1985 ones

    tcats 046.jpg

    tcats 048.jpg

    this is an unpoduced script called The Beasts Of Mummra. Basically the ASOE come alive as different animals and terrorize the Thundercats

    tcats 049.jpg

    these are preliminary sketches, Lion-o and the sword had a whole wack of powers in the planning stages

    tcats 054.jpg

    Here are all my ads, promotional contests, ads for print, etc
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    tcats 059.jpg

    These are storyboards from the opening and exodus

    tcats 060.jpg

    More preliminary sketches as well as model sheets from the 2nd season, I didn't bother posting the odd 150 model sheets from 1st season

    tcats 064.jpg

    Here are dealer catalogs from glasslite and rainbow toys for the thundercats, as well as some promo slides

    tcats 066.jpg

    Really hard to find a complete set of art sheets from the promotional folder

    tcats 092.jpg

    animator sketches and guide sheets
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    tcats 073.jpg

    tcats 080.jpg

    These are the best shots I could get of the slides, they look really fresh when over a light source. Does anyone know what they use these for? And is there anything I could do with them?

    tcats 095.jpg

    The early draft of mummra lives script, the lunataks had some crazy names originally

    tcats 099.jpg

    Morals and synopsis for the first, second, and third seasons. Some orginals douga/ animator sketches

    tcats 093.jpg

    A whole bunch of letters to a broadcasting company telling them how to promote thundercats on their station
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    tcats 100.jpg

    The cels I own, I wanted a cel of each cat with their weapon out

    tcats 101.jpg

    Original art sheets, sorry the picture is so dark

    tcats 107.jpg

    The merchandise collection

    tcats 108.jpg

    tcats 109.jpg

    my collection of toys
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    I did my best to give you a good look without filling the next 20 pages. :oops: Theres a lot of paper and stuff here, enough for 7 binders full. Ask me any questions if you have em. :tygra:
  7. kzlambert

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    Your stuff is amazing.

    As an artist it's all the behind the scenes production stuff that i love seeing.

    Character concepts, blueprints, storyboards, cells etc

    A real joy to see.... Thanks for sharing :)
  8. MannysCollectibles

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    Adam that is by far THE best collection of media material I have ever see. Very jealous of it
  9. catspat

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    Delicious stuff you have, Adam! It's wonderful when a fellow T-Cat fan has new things to share with us. Like Kyle, I most enjoy the artwork and behind-the-scenes concepts. (The Sword of Omens as a galatic weather station and a portable X-ray machine? Who knew? :D) I'd love to read those letters instructing that TV broadcasting company on how to promote ThunderCats on their stations. Oh, the secrets I can learn! :cheetaraveryhappy:

    Wow, an unproduced ThunderCats script! That's another thing I'd love to read. It should be archived here on TCL; it's a rare find. Perhaps somebody can make an e-comic out of it? :cheetaraveryhappy:

    I love those cels of Cheetara and Panthro. The way you have them arranged, you make it look like Cheetara got a little too close to Panthro's nunchucks and had to duck! :D
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  10. Lord LionO

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    Wow, that is amazing stuff you got there! Really like the Cels as well. Thanks for the share bud!!!
  11. Copperkid

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    very unique collection, i love it
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    Well it took almost a year to get it the way I wanted it but i think the books I set out to build look pretty good.

    All in all there were actually 5 books. 4 volumes of print material and one volume of synopsis and morals. Each book has a title and contents page, with dividing title pages throughout.

    The 4 volumes are roughly divided into scripts, animation art, promotional art, and merchandise and promotion information. Each book has well over 200 double sided pages. All the print material has been scanned and printed from the originals that I have, but some sheets in the merchandise book are scans from friends who generously let me borrow them.

    Hope you enjoy the pics!
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    more pics!
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    last ones!
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  15. Lordore

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    Man! I Love your Thundercats' Bible!!

    Any chance of making a copy?:liono

    Many of us here would love to have one:thumbsup:
  16. aewsmith

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    haha sure but I don't think the price tag would appeal to people. Since all the printing was spread over a year it wasn't too bad. I had a copy store print really nice mostly colour copies which cost about $1 each for a double sided page, add that to almost $200 for the binding costs. And well, it was a project I'm glad is done cause it broke the bank. :)
  17. Lynx-O

    Lynx-O Glass Walker

    Wow great collection and that bible is awesome!:thumbsup:
  18. berbillion

    berbillion Berbill

    Any chance of writing a synopsis of that unproduced thundercats script? Or scanning it in? Are the Ancient spirits of evil named in that script?

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