AFA or CGA style cases made for specific cardbacks.

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  1. wthompson

    wthompson Crabman

    Hi Guys

    Thought I would see what others have bought for cases, I’m planning on picking up some acrylic cases and wanted to know what is the correct size for the different versions of the cardback.

    Ie, Companions MOC – Is there is a case ?

    On ebay I see CGA cases with a Cheetara in it but is there other cases already set for specific carded examples for the Thundercats?

    Thanks for the help

  2. Lordore

    Lordore Moderator

    Hi Wayne,
    If you are talking about the: then i am definitely suggesting you to opt for this particular case. I have purchased one in the past for an 8-back orange hair Lion-o. These are hand crafted Acrylic cases used for the AFA graded figures as well. I bought the UF5 Acrylic Case which offers more UV resistance, it cost me 25$ more but worths its money 100%. The size fits only to the smaller 8-back versions. Otherwise, you will have to request a custom case from their site.UV or not the price is a little steep but you get what you pay for. Trust me.

    You can check the Acrylic case i got in the Collector's showcase. I have put many close up shots.

    A much cheaper but good choice nonetheless, is the plastic display cases sold by Zoloworld.
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  3. matt

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    The afa cases on ebay are not the best in my opinion. I'd opt for the custom cases from afa on there website. The one on ebay is generic and the figs slide around in them, whereas if they are custom the fig stays in place.
  4. wthompson

    wthompson Crabman

    Thanks guys,

    I was looking at the one on ebay with the Cheetara as the example. Picked up a nice companion card and wanted to pick up something for it. I'll check out the custom route. There is a guy named oliver in mexico that makes custom cases so may get him to make some.

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