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    Thank you for the info! I also noted something different about the Playful Bengali figure and that's the ring holding the strap of his utility harness; it's smaller than those on the European and American figures. Funny that I didn't see that before. :)

    The color tones of the European and American Bengalis differ from each other? That's interesting as well because your photos don't show it; the colors of both figures are identical to one another. Maybe it's your camera doing that. I guess I'd have to see the figures in person to note the difference. :)
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    That he is!

    There is just one thing that I don't like about S-S-Slithe. He doesn't have that metal head decoration that he does in the cartoon. I know thats nitpicking but he just needs that little headpiece to make him even cooler.


    I am glad you got your sword, Alex! They are something else aren't they?! :thumbsup:
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    Here is a better "side by side" comparison of the two Bengalis. I think that with the one I already have on here, since I was using different camera effects that is why the difference is so subtle.

    If you look at this picture, you will see the difference in color tone mainly in the face paint. American ver on the left, Euro on the right.


    And here are the face closeups.

    American Ver

    Euro Ver
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    Here are my latest acquisitions. While I've scored some very nice things, I was most excited about the BK meal boxes. The light switch I had as a kid, and the boxes I have been after for quite some time. I pictured them and then photo shopped them together so you could see what they would look like if the box was folded up right, as well as read the text. Also, a pic of the bottom of one of the boxes so you could see the promotion of Thundercats HO, as well as the BK toys. (Mods, if the pics are too big please let me know)

    I also feel very fortunate to now have both a Loose Complete and MOC version of Thunderwings Lion-O.




    Still glows in the dark!



    8Back Jackalman
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    very nice love the begali hammer u found the silver one very hard to find

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