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    s'more art to accompany my fanfic ("the drifting pride").

    so you've met turk, tab, & abyssa, the children of ang-kor. but just who is ang-kor anyway? why, he was only the best prize fighter in all thundera! think the wwe--well nah, more like the ufc. he was the undefeated champion back in the day. he even challenged the deadly panthro to a few rounds in the arena, but panthro, being a noble & all, thought it beneath him to fight for fame/sport/$, so ang-kor's challenge was left unsatisfied. but before his prize fighting career, ang-kor served in the royal thunderian army. he was, unfortunately, discharged for behavior unbecoming of a royal soldier: participating in prize fights on the side. ang-kor was 27 when thundera was destroyed, & 29 when he died.

    this is a holo image of ang-kor's last fight poster. i wanted to make it kind of old & worn looking (as old & worn as a projected hologram image could get). i purposely left the image rough & sketchy because it's a memory. it's the only image the 3 siblings have of their late father. abyssa carries the holo around concealed in her armband, kind of like a picture locket.


    a salty disclaimer: this story/art work/design/creation is my contribution to thundercat fandom & is strictly for thundercat fandom only. all characters, names, places, & situations depicted here (except those from the original thundercats animated series) are my own original creations. they were created for the sole purpose of free fandom enjoyment, so no, i am NOT doing this for profit. yes, i realize i've created these characters in the context of some1 else's idea (big ups to ted wolf, leonard starr, & the rankin-bass crew, yo!), but please give proper credit to all creative parties involved.
    so let's review shall we?
    1) please give credit where credit's due (aka don't claim **** that ain't yours). >:(
    2) & if i'm not making any $ off of this, then neither can YOU. so nah! >:P

    thank you, & have a nice day! ~~saltygirl >:)
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