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    Hi guys!

    Seems like 've been giving TCs a lot of thinking lately LOL

    Anyway, I just realized that, among with Tygra's mind powers and Cheetara's rarely -I thjink just twice or thrice- seen sixth sense, Lion-O, as Lord of the TCs, had the ability to communicate with all feline creature, as demonstrated in his first encounter with Snowmeow, but he enver used that ability again.

    But, why only the Lord? Why not every Thunderian? That would have been more logic. And also, when exactly Lion-O acquired that ability? When he came out of age, which he actually never did. When he was oficially Lord of the TCs, which he actually wasn't when he first met Snowmeow? Yes, he was namely the LOrd bit hasn't been annointed yet. so officially he wasn't the Lord yet.

    So, was it a thing inherent to all Thunderian? Was it a Thunderian thing that arises only in the Lord? Or was it just a Lion clan thing? Or a Lion clan thing that arises when annointed Lord? And from what moment on?

    I hate plotholes LOL
  2. Wilycub

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    I remember talking about this unique ability of Lion-O with another fan not very long ago. Obviously Lion-O never used this ability again as he did not encounter any other hostile big cats in the show. ;) As for the origin of this power, well your guess is as good as mine. I recall Snarf saying something like, "Lion-O has power over all cats". I guess that implies that he has had this power since childhood.
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  3. Daremonger

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    I rather liked that ability Lion-O used on Snowmeow. Can you imagine if, should his fellow ThunderCats fall under some dark spell, he used that ability on them?
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  4. Tygra_Rules

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    If that was the case, he should have used it in so many eps where Mumm-Ra put the TCs under some evil spell ("Mumm-Ra Berbil", "Dream Master", "Garden of Delights").
    I don't think it worked on "rationally advanced" cath though like the TCs or any other anthropomorphic being.

    Ok, but why not every Thunderian then? I think they stated it was because he was the Lord of the TCs, but again, he was just Lord just after the anointment (before that it was only a Title the held). So what? I'm crowned and the next minute that ability hits me? No sense at all :confused
  5. Wilycub

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    The whole anointment thing was more ceremonial and superficial than anything else. Lion-O underwent the trials to prove that he was worthy of his hereditary title. He didn't gain any special powers or abilities after the anointment. He was already considered the lord by everyone from the moment they left Thundera. That is why even the Sword of Omens obeyed him. It didn't wait for him to be crowned first. Maybe this power to control cats is something that the first Lord of the ThunderCats had and it was passed down to Lion-O's genes via his father Claudus, irrespective of if he had been crowned yet or not. Again this is just pure speculation. :biggrin
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  6. Tygra_Rules

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    You have a point there, BUT (there's always a "but" LOL) in the first episode of the trials (The Trial of Strenght), Tygra says that if Lion-O fail, then they all would have failed, implying there would not be Lord of the TCs, so the trials weren't only ceremonial as I see it. Besides, Lion-O is only crowned after he beat the other TCs; hadn't he defeated them, he wouldn't have been crowned.

    You're right that they recognised hima s Lord and even the SoO obeyed him... so now I understand nothing!!!! :eek

    I guess a new topic was detached from the original (when did Lion-O gain this ability and why he never used it again) and I love it ;)
  7. adssse

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    Was this ability ever referenced in the Marvel/Star comics?
  8. Tygra_Rules

    Tygra_Rules Thunderian Legend

    No idea...
  9. KosmoKat

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    When Tygra says that if Lion-O fails then they all have failed means that they would have failed in educating/training/preparing Lion-O for this day. And yes, Lion-O wouldn't have been crowned the Lord of the Thundercats if he had failed the trials. But what WilyCub was saying is that his ability to control other cats (which is what the original question was about) is not dependent on his title. So even if he failed the trials and gave up the title of the Lord of the Thundercats, he still would have had the ability to control cats. That is what I think he meant when he said that the anointment was superficial and ceremonial. They did not affect his abilities or his strength or his knowledge or his skills.
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  10. LiamABC

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    So what would have happened if Lion-O had failed the trials? Would Tygra have stepped up to the plate, as the second-in-command?

    The case for Lion-O using that power to free his fellows from Mumm-Ra's spell in episodes like "The Mumm-Ra Berbil" or "Dream Master" is interesting, as you could argue that's what he's doing with the sword in those episodes.
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  11. Daremonger

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    Lion-O's ability to control cats could've easily been explored by the writers of ThunderCats. That way he couldn't always rely on the Sword of Omens to fix things, even if it is a part of him.
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  12. Tygra_Rules

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    I got what Tygra said... and I got what WilyCub said LOL

    I was just placing myself at Devil's advocate here. Of course, the hypothetical fatc that Lion-O failed the trials -hence don't get crowned- wouldn't have affcted his abilities, which should include the one to commuicate with cats.

    My point was that he never used it before/again, and that turns it into a "only works once" kind if thing, and was wondering why writers never took advantage of it in other epsneither was referred again. Then I started thinking on how and when he got it. Snarf seemed to know about it even more than Lion-O himself LOL
  13. Tygra_Rules

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    That's why I suppose that power only works on cat-felines and not in human-felines with a higher intelligence. Just a guess.
  14. Tygra_Rules

    Tygra_Rules Thunderian Legend

    Wouldn't an episode where they rely in their abilities more than in their weapons (incluing the SoO) been great? Lion-O communicating with cats, Panthro using his strenght, Tygra his knowledge on science and mindpowers, Cheetara her speed and sixth sense and the kittens their cunning. Even Snarf with his ability to communicate with some creatures like bats and spiders.That's why, the first time I watched "Micrits", I started liking it and then got disappointed: the episodereally took me into thinking that the TCs would solve the problem without Lion-O, withoput the SoO and without their weapons. Imagine what would have happened if Lion-O arrived to the Lair with all the weapons and found it all quiet, and the TCs telling him "Well, we have a Mutant situation but took care of it pretty well".
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