Any Young Justice fans?

Discussion in 'Other Cartoons & Collectables' started by hammy0924, May 21, 2012.

  1. hammy0924

    hammy0924 Ultimate No-Life

    I DVR Toonami and that's it.
  2. Lord Slithor

    Lord Slithor Mutant

    Personally, I think the chimpanzees that were in charge of programming over at Fox migrated over to CN. If you remember, there was a time when Fox couldn't keep a new show - especially a genre show -that wasn't called The X-Files or The Simpsons on to save their lives! Firefly and Family Guy in it's first couple of seasons were the most well known casualties, but there were others...

    The Adventures of Briscoe County Jr.
    Space: Above and Beyond
    The Visitor
    The Lone Gunmen

    Granted, Fox has still cancelled Sci-Fi shows as recently as last year what with Terra Nova and Alcatraz. But they're not as bad as they used to be. But lately it seems CN is just as scratch-happy as they used to be. You can tell they have no coherent plan; throwing stuff up agains the wall and seeing what sticks. How else can one explain The Annoying Orange? Or Regular Show? Or The Amazing World of Gumball?

    If they do have a plan, it's like they want to court the Hipster crowd with these shows. Except the kids who would be watching these shows would be too young to be Hipsters, and everyone hates Hipsters anyway.
  3. chique

    chique Thunderian Legend

    Episode was released on Itunes Sunday. I guess the people in charge of Itunes and CN were unable to get in touch in time for the last minuet schedule change. You might be able to find it on Youtube still, but it was removed from Itunes earlier today.

    Pretty good episode! Lots of action, a few cameos and drama galore.

    I agree, CN needs to get its crap figured out. They pulled DC Nation so quick, the TV guides didn't get to change the schedule. It just looks extremely bad of them.

    Not to mention we've only gotten two episodes since the last hiatus:mad: Now we have to wait until January, and just because my luck sucks, I'M BETTING it'll be the last Saturday of January :mad:

    To add to that, most people think another season of YJ is extremely unlikely. Not too sure about Green Lantern.
    Running out of reasons to watch this channel....:lionomad:
    >.< The Regular Show can be funny >.<
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  4. hammy0924

    hammy0924 Ultimate No-Life

    I did watch the episode that was supposed to come out on Saturday thanks to iTunes. It was really good. I'm hoping it will happen again next week, even though it probably won't.
  5. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    I finally got around to watching this show and it was great. I really wish they had made a season 3.

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