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Discussion in 'The Loyal Subjects ThunderCats' started by Wes2882, Apr 26, 2020.

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    Hey guys!

    Anyone remember the order that the Loyal Subjects Thundercats assortments came out in? I remember getting the SDCC GID carded ones first, and I remember that Walgreens was last... but I can’t remember beyond that. I think maybe Wal-Mart was the first of the retail releases. Then maybe ToysRUs, then Target?? Let me know if you can remember!

    Incidentally, I’ve really been enjoying these lately! I’ve been going back and filling in some of the figures I was missing. Still no Club 28s... but I think I might have to make peace with that...
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    Hot Topic, Walmart, Toys R Us, "General Release", Target?
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