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    I’ll just be blunt and come right to the point: ever since one fan of my Thundercats fanfic said that he wanted to illustrate my story into pictures, I was undeniably hooked onto the idea. The notion that my work would actually be put into visuals was nigh impossible for me to decline and so I accepted it. However, after my original artist decided to finally end this arrangement, I have been on the hunt for some new artistic talent in the hopes of finding some who would be willing to turn my fan fiction into fan comics.

    Now then, I have seen quite a few fan comics in recent years and for a while, I have never really considered the thought of making one of my own, since my own artistic talents aren’t good enough for that sort of endeavor. However, once I finally saw someone with such talent actually do it, I realized that I wanted to combine my work with art in order to create a truly excellent piece. Now, while it is true that I cannot offer financial compensation, though lord knows I wish I could, much like how I wish I could do commissions in order to make money, I am still holding out hope that I can still find some artists who are willing to do such a thing for the sake of creating something great.

    Now, I am not ignorant or stupid, I am well aware of the need to make ends meet and the desire to be compensated for such time and effort. But, surely a fan of such a show like Thundercats 2011 could take pleasure in helping to create a comic that will no doubt receive its share of praise for its artwork. I don’t expect fanatical dedication to this project, especially when there is no money to be made from it, but, surely there is someone out there who can lend a bit of their free time to something they might just enjoy.

    Please let me know if there any takers

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