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  1. balgus82

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    Spirit and Soul stone are the same stone. The 4th stone was never revealed.
  2. Mark M

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    It seems someone on Wikipedia has there information wrong then.

    In an interview with Dan Norton, Shannon Eric Denton, and Larry Kenney at Power-Con, they mentioned that if there was a season two, it would detail Mumm-Ra's hand in the creation of the Snarfs, Slithe's history with Lynx-O (which would also explain how Slithe and the Lizards sided with Mumm-Ra), Mumm-Ra tricking the ThunderKittens for them to bring the Sword of Omens so he could send them to El Dara, and Pumyra being transformed into a wicked insectoid monster on a mission to capture the ThunderCats. The name of the final stone was also revealed as the Soul Stone.[31]
  3. NuudoruNoMasho

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    Talk to any spiritual person and they will tell you the Soul and Spirit are indeed two different things.

    Spirit is generally defined as your ethereal body or the ethereal plane. The realm of pure meaning/enlightenment. It is the realm of Words. You exist in it because "you are." Just think of Spirit as absolute Truth.(kinda seemed what they were going for there, too).

    Soul, on the other hand, is you as a person. Comprising of The Mind, The Emotions and the Will (or id, ego, and superego iffin' you like Freud). Via the soul, The Physical and the Spiritual are interacted with. The Soul is the root of Choice, as The Mind and Emotions make up the motivation for Will and decision making. It's the elements of Free will.

    It's hard to summarize that, hope that makes some sense. I skimmed over stuff. Presumably, if the show runners knew this about the soul, the soul stone would be about Choice in a way. With all this set destiny stuff, an analysis of Choice would be a welcome change to round things out.
  4. balgus82

    balgus82 Thunderian Legend

    Maybe I missed some stuff from the Thundercon panel. I don't remember anything about the stone or the Thunderkittens going to El Dara being mentioned. It's been a while since I watched the video though.

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    That seems entirely too confusing for what was supposed to be a kid's show.
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  5. adssse

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    Wow, I didnt remember anything mentioned about the Thunderkittens either. I went to the sited link and still didnt see it mentioned. I would be very interested to see where this came from.

    It does however reference the Soul Stone:

    "But as the Lizard-men become enslaved to Mumm-ra, he sees that Lion-O's quest for the Soul stone would unite the races."

  6. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    I suppose it depends on you own view. But my understanding and my own personal belief is that the soul and spirit are the same thing.
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    It's interesting they mentioned Young Justice toys not selling well. Simple fact is they were made by Mattel and they were not very good or marketed very good...just like Bandai's Thundercats. Bad toys don't sell.
    Oddly enough Mattel's Avatar toyline didn't sell to well, mainly due to the lack of some of the main female characters like Katara. But it isn't the first time Mattel made a bad marketing decision, does anyone remember the MOTU 200X toyline? LOL.
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  7. balgus82

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    I've wished for a long time that ThunderCats had aired on Nick instead of CN. They seem to be able to keep a lot of cartoons going that either have toylines that did poorly or don't have toy lines at all.
  8. NuudoruNoMasho

    NuudoruNoMasho Berbill

    In the words of Madeline L'engle "It's not to difficult for Children. It's to difficult for Adults." Metaphor is a perfect place to present this information.

    They would have gotten Avatar's treatment..... without Avatar's popularity. Cartoon network might have been the best choice (just not during this era). That or sell it to Hasbro....
  9. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    Hasbro haven't been making the best marketing and creative decision with a lot of their lines and shows either.
    They have pretty much killed the G.I. Joe line.
    As for Transformers they have been slowly ruining it for years.

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