Bandai Classic Line (Lion-O & others)

Discussion in 'Mezco and Bandai Toys' started by Vivek, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    I love it, thisis the Lion-O I have always wanted. I hope they make all the classic figures as this Lion-O looks amazing. :liono
  2. Animal Warrior

    Animal Warrior Junior Member

    Personally, I like it. It could've been better, that's sure. But it's a good start, and probably as the line goes forth, the following releases would get better.
  3. REX-203

    REX-203 New Member

    I love it! Sculpt looks great and they successfully kept it "Classic" by faithfully staying true to the original. If I would change one thing on it though, I would have preferred they didn't make the knees double jointed, and made them more like MOTUC figures. Otherwise this is right in line with what I would have hoped it to be. Bring on the rest of the team!
  4. Mint Condition

    Mint Condition Junior Member

    What's wrong with double knee joints??? I love double joints. So much more poseability.
  5. I can't speak for the guy above, but just aesthetically they look like two round balls sticking out between a thigh and a shin. I agree it does increase poseabilty, but I'm guessing people have more issue with their lack of any resemblance of a knee. If they'd have molded them a bit with some slight indentions to appear more knee like instead of, again just a round ball sticking out, then it would look more aesthetically appealing.

    It is a small gripe though I agree.

    I still can't take this figure 100% seriously w/ that hair though.
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  6. pizza man z

    pizza man z New Member

    I really like this version of Lion-o. I am just very excited that we are getting a classic line along with the kiddie kinder versions for the new Cartoon. I just hope we get Mumm-ra or one of the mutants in the second wave and I hope that sales are very good so that we get a second wave before the end of the year since these are not supposed to come out until August.
  7. Copperkid

    Copperkid Vortex Explorer

    this version is great, he looks more like lino-o than my figure from 1987 ever looked like. and the small sword of omens is going to be sweet! i just hope grune is in the cartoon colors rather than the ljn figure colors, but its cool
  8. I can see most all of these classics figures being cartoon accurate. It'll probably be a while before we see Grune, but I'm looking forward to him when and if they get to him (I don't think the if will be an issue, I think these classics figs, unless they really go over the top with production, are going to sell out).
  9. REX-203

    REX-203 New Member

    I do like the added range of poseability. It's just that most figures I've had with the double jointed knees usually end up becoming loose and hard to stand on their own. Plus, as mentioned above, I just don't think it's as aesthetically pleasing as the single joint, since the double joint has more cuts in it. Just my humble opinion. :)

    But yeah, I wouldn't really even call it a nitpick as much as just a statement of personal preference. This figure is awesome all around.
  10. elkkthunder

    elkkthunder Junior Member

    more classic pics and thundertanks pics are hitting the web- I reposted them on my site here

    check out for more
  11. Lilith

    Lilith Active Member

    Classic Tygra looks great and classic Lion-O has eyebrows in the new pic.
  12. blackiecats

    blackiecats Legacy Team Member

    I seriously hope that isn't the classics Tygra :eek: It looks like a very bad custom you'd find on Ebay! :( If that is indeed the official toy, then it's a pass on that one and I'll just be getting Lion-O.
  13. Saint Doyle

    Saint Doyle Crabman

    I'm inclined to agree, Blackiecats. Maybe Tygra looks better in other poses? That picture looks like they just put Tygra paint on a generic pose-able body. Not a lot of thought went into that sculpt...
  14. Joa-O

    Joa-O Active Member

    I'm happy Lion-O has eyebrows, but the hair really looks like a helmet. The neck joints look bad to me, I've never had figures with heads attached that way. The facial expressions are blank. Bandai is not too good with hands it seems.

    I am excited about the figures, but they are somewhat lacking. I guess I'm used to the Horsemen's work.
  15. egoing

    egoing Junior Member

    These are very much comparable to MOTU Classics. They are also about US $11.70 cheaper to boot. Both Lion-O and Tygra are very nice representations, while not perfectly on model they are very close. I'm glad Thundercats are finally back in media and merchandise.
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  16. Coptur

    Coptur Moleman

    TBH i love it now i have to see lion-o next the motuc he-man.

    Anyone else really want to see mumm-ra :mummra:

    Oh and where do get them?????
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  17. blackiecats

    blackiecats Legacy Team Member

    I was hoping the Bandai Tygra's head sculpt would be closer to this (which to me, is the best representation of Tygra so far!):


    His face just looks long and very cheap looking :( I'm trying to like it, but it's just OFF to me :( I just hope Mumm-Ra looks much better......
  18. Lord LionO

    Lord LionO Mutant

    lol! Thats a Happy Meal Toy at best, seriously? That is disappointing.
  19. cloudraker19

    cloudraker19 Crabman

    I can't wait to grab these guys at retail! I really like the look of both of them. I would assume Bandai will release different versions as the waves progress. I don't know if they would do that with the 8 inch, but who knows! Awesome work!
  20. REX-203

    REX-203 New Member

    I think Tygra looks GREAT!

    Sorry if I missed it, but how are the Classic figures going to be available? Online exclusive? Mass retail? I do NOT want to miss these.

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